Will the Congressional District for Washington Parish Change?

Published 8:13 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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In the wake of Louisiana’s recent redistricting, Washington Parish remains unaffected by the changes introduced in the state’s congressional map. The Louisiana Legislature’s approval of a new plan, signed by Governor Jeff Landry on Monday, Jan. 11, primarily focused on creating a second majority-Black district, has led to shifts in representation surrounding the parish.

Louisiana’s redistricting efforts were prompted by a 2022 federal court ruling that deemed the existing congressional lines in violation of the Voting Rights Act. This mandate has set in motion a series of changes over the past two years.

The 118th Congressional Map for Louisiana

The approved congressional map aims to establish two majority-Black districts, signaling a historic moment for Louisiana and contributing to the broader nationwide trend observed in other southern states like Georgia and Alabama.

Washington Parish remains in the 5th Congressional District, represented by Republican U.S. Rep. Julia Letlow. Letlow, emphasizing her plans for reelection, stated, “With the recent redistricting changes, I remain focused on serving the needs and delivering effective representation to my constituents in Washington Parish.”

Rep. Garret Graves, representing the 6th Congressional District, criticized the congressional map as a “boneheaded move” orchestrated by Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry and the Legislature. While Graves faces uncertainties about his political future, Washington Parish in the 5th Congressional District remains unchanged.

For Washington Parish residents, the political landscape remains stable, with no alterations in representation. The parish continues to be part of the 5th Congressional District, and residents should expect a continuation of their current political representation.

The New Congressional Map for Louisiana

As surrounding areas navigate the consequences of redistricting, Washington Parish residents can observe the changes without direct impact on their representation. The outcome of legal challenges and the response from political figures will continue to shape the broader political landscape in the state.

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