Embracing Change for a Better Bogalusa

Published 3:56 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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By Tyrin Truong

As Mayor of Bogalusa, I’m proud to serve this remarkable community, but we must address the urgent need for change in our small town, which has been plagued by decades of decline.

Bogalusa boasts a rich history, but we can’t ignore the economic downturns, population decline, and crumbling infrastructure that have left us stagnant. As I write this, our city is on emergency pumps at our sewer plant–a facility that hasn’t seen routine maintenance in almost three decades. 

Change is never easy. It often requires us to challenge the status quo, question long-held beliefs, and embrace new ideas. But it is necessary, especially when we find ourselves at a crossroads. The only thing holding us back is an old mindset that has contributed to the challenges our city faces today.

In these past nine months, we have taken concrete steps toward revitalizing Bogalusa. We have initiated the construction of two new parks, offering our children and pets safe places to play and grow. These parks are not just about physical infrastructure; they represent a symbol of hope and renewal for our town.

Furthermore, our relentless pursuit of grants and capital outlay funds has borne fruit, securing over $5.5 million in state and federal resources that will be invested back into our community. These funds have already started helping us repair our roads, place crime cameras to cut down on crime, and revitalize other vital infrastructure. 

But let me be clear: change is not solely about bricks and mortar; it is about a change in mindset. We must embrace the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that defined us in the past. It’s time to encourage local businesses, support homegrown talent, and foster an environment where innovation can flourish. By doing so, we can attract new investments, create jobs, and ensure that our town thrives once more.

Change is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous process. It requires our active participation, dedication, and willingness to adapt to new challenges. We must unite as a community, setting aside our differences and working towards a common goal – the revival of Bogalusa.

I believe in the potential of our town and the resilience of its people and our city workforce does too. The police department is now informing the community and solving violent crimes. Our public works department has cleared over 1,770 work orders this year versus 533 in 2022, with a smaller workforce. Our fire department is working on lowering our fire rating so that our home insurance costs decrease. 

We have immense potential and resilience. We’re on the path to revitalization, but we must overcome long-standing obstacles. Let’s not be defined by our past. Instead, let’s write a new chapter in Bogalusa’s history—one filled with growth, opportunity, and prosperity. It’s time to embrace change and build a better Bogalusa. I remain as committed to you today as the night I won 56% of your vote. We are in this together, for the long haul.