Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and Franklinton Police Department Conduct Active Shooter Emergency Training at Varnado Elementary School

Published 9:39 am Thursday, October 12, 2023

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Candice Sledge

VARNADO, La. – The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office (WPSO), in collaboration with the Franklinton Police Department (FPD), successfully conducted a comprehensive training program at the old Varnado Elementary School this week, aimed at enhancing preparedness for active shooter emergencies within the community.

Led by Lieutenant Corbet Hunt, the training focused on essential strategies and tactics designed to effectively respond to active shooter situations. Among the critical concepts covered was the “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act” (OODA) Loop, which provides a structured approach for responding to rapidly evolving crises.

Participants also delved into the three fundamental tactical considerations necessary for successful engagement, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing actions during critical incidents.

One of the central components of the training was Close Quarters Battle (CQB) considerations, emphasizing speed, surprise, and violence of action as key factors in responding to and neutralizing threats in confined spaces.

Furthermore, the training included a thorough review of the Command/Control theory, as established by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program, which helps guide effective decision-making and coordination during high-stress situations.

In addition to tactical training, participants were provided with administrative lockdown procedures developed by the Washington Parish School System, ensuring that school staff and students are well-prepared to respond to emergencies.

Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal expressed the main objective of the joint training program, stating, “In the event of a tragic event such as a school shooter, we want our guys to be prepared to answer the call. Our main objective is to keep all students, teachers, and other staff safe and free from harm.”

To further enhance preparedness, crisis response plans from every school within the jurisdiction of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office were shared, allowing for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and security of educational institutions in the region.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Franklinton Police Department remain committed to proactively addressing the safety of their community members and are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection and response in critical situations.