Little things can turn plans around and ruin a good trip

Published 5:30 am Sunday, July 2, 2023

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Wakened in the middle of the night with a really awful sore throat, I thought, “Where on earth did that come from?” as I gargled with some warm salt water.

I went back to bed, but the sore throat stayed with me. I felt I was coming down with something, maybe even a cold. By morning other symptoms were added, and I felt it was likely an upper respiratory infection.

I had a trip planned and thankfully, I am rarely ill. At my age, however, I decided it wasn’t good to poke around and let this misery get worse, so I called the doctor’s office.

While there, I reminded them this was the third time lately I had been in with problems with my throat. After doing swabs for a couple of maladies it might be, they said all was clear and it was all caused by allergies.

Allergies? I knew I had been bothered with a runny nose for quite some time, but even with the sore throat, I had no fever, so allergies, I suppose. With several medications recommended, I began to both swallow and sniff the recommended doses.

At night it was really awful, as my throat hurt, my nose was stopped up and I couldn’t lay my head down without extensive coughing. I never dreamed allergy could cause so much discomfort.

It took a good while for me to feel better, and naturally the trip was canceled for me. I dutifully unpacked everything and put it away until another time. I am always amazed at so-called simple things that can make us sick and ruin plans! Oh, well! We deal with them as we do the rest of life.

On a different note, the hot and humid summer weather has hit us with a bang! In the Louisiana south, we learn to deal with many things regarding the weather, which may include unusual allergy symptoms.

We have had several pretty big thunderstorms and watching and preparing for hurricanes being most important this time of year. We all watch and listen for weather forecasts, especially in the summer.

So many activities are being planned, including the July 4th parade and associated activities, including the crowning of a new queen. Don’t forget, July 4th is also Bogalusa’s birthday! This celebration has been going on for a long time.

Was pleased to hear the Watermelon Festival being brought back to Franklinton after several years. I have been looking forward to my first watermelon and that should happen soon. Many have been grown in the parish.

June is a special month for me, as both my daughter and I have birthdays on June 28. I am thankful for another year and believe me, they are certainly adding up! God is so good to me!

With these very humid days, we are advised to watch out and not get too hot. We are really blessed to have air conditioning wherever we go, but some have to be outside. Heat stroke is a real danger and we should be aware on these 98 to 100 degree days.

A good and happy summer to all of you.