Parish Council Honors Dr. Superintendent Benson Magee

Published 12:11 pm Thursday, June 15, 2023

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The Washington Parish Council and Washington Parish President came together to pay tribute to Dr. Superintendent Benson Magee of the House of Faith Church of God in Christ, Inc. on his 95th birthday. Recognizing his incredible contributions to the community and his unwavering devotion to his faith, the proclamation highlights Dr. Magee’s extraordinary life and achievements.

Dr. Superintendent Benson Magee has been widely respected for his calm demeanor, honesty, and humility throughout his long life. Driven by his faith, Dr. Magee embraced the power of the Holy Spirit, becoming a powerful advocate for the Lord and a pillar of strength in his community.

In addition to his spiritual pursuits, Dr. Magee excelled academically, earning a doctorate from the Feltus Theological Seminary. He also showed business acumen by investing successfully in real estate in New Orleans and his hometown of Franklinton, Louisiana.

Dr. Magee made significant contributions to his local community as the Superintendent of The House of Faith Church of God in Christ, Inc. He trained men and women in ministry, supported the sick by laying hands on them, and played a role in the legal system, ensuring justice was upheld. Furthermore, he cherished his family, demonstrating love for his parents and siblings and raising eight children.

Numerous accomplishments and dedicated service marked the life of Dr. Superintendent Benson Magee. Notable among his achievements was becoming the first black supervisor of Gordon’s Transportation in New Orleans. He also served as District Sunday School Superintendent and District President of the Youth Department. He was involved in various church ministries, including singing in the choir, serving as a deacon, and managing church finances. Beyond his church, he founded and led multiple congregations, participated in prison ministry, and held leadership positions within his religious jurisdiction.

By recognizing the remarkable accomplishments of Dr. Magee, the Washington Parish Council, and President hopes to inspire others to follow his example and embrace his exceptional leadership.