Head of Humane Organization Goes on Hunger Strike to Raise Funds; Hopes to Raise $2,000 to Fix 15 Kittens

Published 5:30 am Saturday, June 10, 2023

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(Gonzales, LA) – In a bold move to raise funds to fix a basket full of kittens, the head of Rescue Alliance, Jonathan Henriques, has announced his intention to go on a hunger strike and will only eat again after $2,000 is raised. Henriques is the full-time, unpaid founder and director of Rescue Alliance, a group that he formed only a few years ago. During that time, the group has assisted in more than a half dozen emergency rescue and relief operations in Louisiana and nearby states, fixed and adopted more than 1200 animals, investigated dozens of cruelty complaints, and opened its new headquarters, located at 12484 Hwy 44 Gonzales, La 70737. They accept hundreds of cats, kittens, and a smaller number of dogs and puppies each year, but it is challenging to keep up with the expense of caring for them all. They have partnered with Petsmart and host regular adoption events throughout the year, but each pet has to be vetted, vaccinated, and sterilized before being adopted. The cost to get an animal ‘adoption-ready’ is often hundreds of dollars, and the adoption fee rarely covers all the built-in expenses. Short on funds for this latest batch of surrendered kittens, Jonathan decided to ask the public for help in a big way – by forgoing food until these emergency funds were raised.


“This really shows how committed Jonathan and Rescue Alliance are to this cause and the need to fix our pets to curb pet overpopulation. When we heard of Jonathan’s idea and pledge, we thought it was big, daring, and courageous,” says Jeff Dorson, Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana. “Few people would put themselves in this position for their cause, no matter how important it is to them. Jonathan’s selfless action speaks volumes of his character,” adds Dorson. To support Jonathan’s efforts, HSLA will donate $100, leaving $1900 to be raised.


“The willingness to go hungry for a cause, to sacrifice nourishment and sustenance for the sake of protecting animals, is a testament to the depth of our compassion and the strength of our convictions. When we are faced with injustice, we must use every tool at our disposal to bring attention to the issue and demand change. Hunger strikes are one powerful way to create awareness and show our commitment to creating a world where animals are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.” We truly feel that once people see our devotion and commitment for the animals, funds will raise quickly,” says Henriques.

“We hope that people will respond quickly and generously, so Jonathan can at least have a nice dinner with his family,” Dorson quips.


Jonathan will abstain from eating food beginning at 10am on June 8, 2023. People can donate online at https://givebutter.com/Alliancefund or http://paypal.me/rescuealliance. Jonathan will post or give live updates every few hours once the ‘hunger strike’ begins.


“The consequences of pet overpopulation are far-reaching and devastating, not only for the animals themselves but also for the communities they inhabit. Thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned or euthanized every year due to lack of resources, space, and homes. This crisis demands our attention and immediate action. By spaying and neutering our pets and adopting from shelters or rescue groups instead of buying from breeders, we can reduce the number of unwanted animals and build a more compassionate and sustainable future for our furry friends.” adds Henriques.


Photos provided by Rescue Alliance and may be reproduced. Mr. Henriques is available for interviews throughout the day.  Jonathan can be reached by calling 225.279.2223.