Trusting God with little things bring big blessings

Published 5:30 am Monday, May 1, 2023

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When I was in home economics class as a teenager, our teacher, Mrs. Edna Wilks, told us success in housekeeping was having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place.

Over quite a number of years of keeping house, I have tried to keep everything in its place and it has worked — most of the time! I do have those occasions when I put things away so I will be sure to find them, then completely forget where I put them!

The other day I was about to get in the car to drive off and I noticed I had left the keys in my golf cart. I use it quite often running about the place, to the mail box and to my two daughters’ houses. I didn’t want to go back into the house, so I got the keys and put them “someplace”!

Later, when I was about to use the cart, I looked for my keys where I always keep them hanging on the key rack and they were not there! Then I remembered getting the keys the day or two before – and I put them someplace – but where?

I looked every place I could think. Later, as I was getting ready to wash the clothes I had worn that week, I went through all the pockets. No keys!

For a couple more days I walked everywhere I had been using the cart and wondered if something was telling me I needed to walk instead of driving the golf cart.

“Good Lord,” I said earnestly, “I really need my golf cart and I know you know where my keys are. Please help me find it!”

Later that day, I remembered I had worn a pair of good pants that had to go to the laundry and were not washed. I had hung them up. I ran (well, almost ran) to the closet and there were my keys in the pants pockets!

“That you, Lord,” I said loudly!

That same week, I went to Bogalusa for an appointment and by my sister’s house for a short while. I went to Walmart. I took my phone in with me so I could make a call and then got about my shopping.

I saw several people who wanted to chat, and as I did, time was passing and I felt my legs getting really tired along with the rest of my body. I checked out and went to the car. I picked up my package and purse and put them in the car and then sat there to rest for at least 10 minutes until I had the energy to drive home.

I got home and reached for my phone. It wasn’t in my purse where it should have been. I ways keep it in my purse when I am away from home. I checked the car and no phone.

I remembered taking my package and my purse and putting them in the car, but my phone was lying on the little kiddy seat in the shopping cart. I knew I had left it there. So as tired as I was, I got in my car and drove from Pine back to Bogalusa in search of my phone.

All the way there, I asked the Good Lord to help me find my phone, as I didn’t want to have to buy a new one right now. He understands these things with us forgetful elderly people.

At Walmart I asked if anybody found a phone in a shopping cart and turned it in; I got a big smile. They had it. Meanwhile my daughter had called my phone and the good folks at Walmart talked to her.

“Thank you Lord. You are always taking care of me,” I said out loud. I also figured I had done too many things while in Bogalusa. When my body gets tired, so does my mind. Getting older can do strange things to us!

If we trust, God does take care of our little things as well as our big things. We just have to remember to ask Him about the little things too. I sincerely thank Him and also the shoppers and good people at Walmart!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at