Texts from Bogalusa Fire Department about hoodies is a scam

Published 3:21 pm Monday, March 13, 2023

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There have been text messages sent out about the Bogalusa Fire Department selling hoodies, Bogalusa Fire Department Lt. Logan Brouillette said it is a scam.

“If the Fire Department ever decided to do anything like hoodies or anything else like that, we would put a message on the official Bogalusa Fire Department Facebook page. We will not send out a mass text, any emailing or a DM on social media. We don’t even collect any information like that. It would just be broad and go out as a public service message.”

On side note, Brouillette said the department is hiring. If you are interested in working for the Bogalusa Fire Department, call the Central Fire Station 985-732-6218 or you can stop by Central Fire Station and pick up an application.