“A Church for the Community”

Published 5:30 am Thursday, March 9, 2023

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Several years back during the horrendous floods in Louisiana a news crew videoed a house that was untouched by the flood waters even though the house was surrounded by water. The family of the home had surrounded the house with sandbags. The family had built a large wall of sandbags that encircled the home. As the news crew recorded the scene, one could see the rest of the neighborhood the house was located in wash away. Houses, cars, trees, and other items washed by the house surrounded by sandbags. The family saved their home, but their neighborhood washed away. Sometimes a church can get so busy building walls of protection around itself that it doesn’t notice the community is washing away. Every church should be living out what God has called her to do, not just occupying a spot in the community. The church should have a heart for the community.

In Acts 3 we read of Peter and John going to the Temple to pray. They encounter a man who had been born lame. He sat at the Temple begging for money. Peter and John said we don’t have any money but what we do have we give you. They gave the man Jesus. The early church was full of signs and wonder. Now the communities often just wonder what the church does. Your church can be a church with a heart for the community.

By being passionate for the challenges facing families. Culture has placed some tremendous challenges on young families. The begging man Peter and John encountered at the Temple had been lame since birth. Imagine the tremendous challenge this placed on his parents. Church should be known as a place that gives help for the challenges.

By having a passionate commitment. Commitment to the Word of God, fellowship of people, prayer, ministry, missions, and evangelism.

By being passionate for community. A church that is relevant to change, reaching out for Jesus, and really caring.

Column was written by Shannon Marshall.