The Bogalusa Police Department put a message to the citizens of Bogalusa regarding Mardi Gras

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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The Bogalusa Police Department, with the assistance of eight surrounding law enforcement agencies, will be providing security services for the 2023 MCCA Parade, which is scheduled to roll on Saturday February 18, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. The weather forecasters are predicting good weather. We are expecting a large crowd of spectators.
The police are asking that the public please honor the following simple rules, in order to have a safe and fun Mardi Gras:
1. Please refrain from vulgar music lyrics. This is a family event, and citizens are asked to respect others, especially children.
2. Please … NO glass bottles on the parade route. Broken glass creates a hazard for others, and for the clean up crews after the parade.
3. Please don’t block any roadways with trailers, campers, ladders, etc. Roads must be kept clear in the event of an emergency.
4. Please drink responsibly – Public drunkenness is against the law.
5. Absolutely NO guns are allowed on the route. Please leave your firearms at home. Alcohol and guns don’t mix !
6. AND THIS IS THE BIG ONE … THE PARADE ROUTE WILL BE CLOSED TO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC AT 12 NOON ON SATURDAY AND WILL NOT RE-OPENED UNTIL AFTER THE PARADE PASSES. Please get to the place you are going before 12 noon, since officers will not open the parade route so you can pass.
7. Please make prior arrangements to pick up your riders from the floats after the parade, since the route will remain closed and no vehicles will be allowed to travel on any artery to get to the Sears Parking Lot area.
8. Floats are not allowed to stop in the roadway to off-load riders. Riders should off-load from floats once the floats have arrived at their staging area for the return convoy.
Bogalusa Police Department Administration