Bogalusa Mayor announces crackdown on utility billing corruption

Published 2:23 pm Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Bogalusa Mayor Tyrin Truong said in a press release on Jan. 25 that since day one of his administration, he has vowed to address the “rampant corruption in our city.”
“Today (Jan. 25), I have ordered my staff to begin the installation of water meters at over 350 residences and establishments that have cheated the system for decades by not paying for water usage,” Truong said. “We are losing roughly $202,000 a year due to the absence of meters at these structures. Let’s call this what it is: theft.”
Truong said in the release that we have been conditioned to believe the city doesn’t have money.
“We have it,” Truong said. “Now, we need to enforce the collection of revenues owed to the city. People are skating by based on prior connections. Those tactics end with me, and I, along with my administration, will work diligently to continue to stamp out corruption.”