Senator Sharon Hewitt announces campaign for govenor

Published 5:30 am Sunday, January 15, 2023

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Senator Sharon Hewitt launched her campaign for Governor of Louisiana on Friday morning.

“Politicians have failed our state for decades, saddling us with a failing tax code, struggling schools, and rising crime in our cities,” Hewitt stated. “It’s time for a governor who will get things done. That’s why I’m running to lead this great state I love.”

Senator Hewitt brings to the race a focus on solving problems for Louisianians, not peddling political rhetoric. A former engineering executive and local community leader, Hewitt has the experience needed to deliver high-paying jobs and investments in quality education for Louisiana. Hewitt is ready to get to work on day one to bring prosperity back to the Pelican State.

“Louisiana politics is famous for big characters who talk a big game,” Hewitt said. “But it isn’t the talkers who make things happen… it’s the doers.”

Since joining the legislature in 2016, Hewitt has proven to be one of Louisiana’s most effective lawmakers. Hewitt has written and passed more than 125 pieces of legislation and earned the 2018 National Legislator of the Year award. Senator Hewitt has been one of Louisiana’s strongest advocates for smaller government, lower taxes, and a stronger economy.

“As governor, I’ll put my business experience to work growing our economy, cutting taxes, and creating more opportunity across Louisiana,” said Hewitt.

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Senator Sharon Hewitt is an engineering executive, local community leader, and mother. From school board meetings to boardroom meetings, Sharon has spent her life working towards solutions for Louisiana.


Hewitt began her career working for Shell on an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Over her 20-year career at Shell, Sharon held many job titles and eventually became a high-ranking executive, managing hundreds of employees and billions of dollars in deepwater assets.


Hewitt was elected to the state legislature in 2015 and took her commonsense approach to Baton Rouge, where she has been a champion for improving education, lowering taxes, and creating high-paying jobs. Senator Hewitt has written and passed over 125 pieces of legislation, earning her the 2018 National Legislator of the Year award from the American Legislative Exchange Council.