Winter always gives way to spring

Published 2:30 pm Friday, December 30, 2022

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As usual, my Christmas loving heart went into overdrive sometime pretty early in November. And today, the day after Christmas, I begin to think of the inevitable. Somebody has to take all the decorations down, and I’m supposing that someone would be yours truly. This year I’m going to take one room at a time and label everything accordingly.
A few years ago I decided to purchase wreath and ornament storage containers, and they really help the task to be more manageable. My readers who love to decorate, as I do, will also understand the need to keep all those special treasures safely tucked away until the season rolls around again.
As I contemplate the task before me I wonder how best to tackle this project. Since organization is not one of my naturally strong suits I have to work at it. I know how bare everything looks after all the beautiful décor is put away so I think I’ll take a room at a time and redecorate as I go.
I’m getting excited just thinking about it! That definitely will help with those after holiday doldrums that sometimes want to creep in when the glittering and sparkling goodies are packed away. Now, I need to decide which direction to go with the redecorating.
Mardi Gras doesn’t interest me, so I pass that thought by, but I think I’ll focus on winter instead. The arctic blast covering much of the country has given us a chance to bundle up in our hats and gloves and enjoy fireside chats with loved ones and friends.
Since I already have some snowmen out they will carry over into my winter wonderland idea, so that’s a win. But this also gives me a chance to peruse estate sales, garage sales, and the like to find other treasures. It’s funny how much I like sprucing things up, but it’s just part of the way I was made.
Outside my window I notice the bare tree limbs creating a totally different look than before. The spindly branches stretch up to touch the clear blue sky. In my minds eye I see the green leaves of summer and the beautiful crimson of fall. This glorious old maple has seen many seasons come and go, but still she stands tall and strong reminding me that winter always gives way to spring.
Sometimes we face things that may cause us to feel like winter is here to stay. I remember when my late husband passed I had to make a conscious decision every day to take a new step forward. During those winter seasons that we all face it is so important to look around and remember the Creator who can make all things new. He never fails us no matter what winter landscapes we must walk through.

(KJV, Psalm.30, 5) “Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.”

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