Watching the year change bring thoughts of past one

Published 1:28 pm Friday, December 30, 2022

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The year has slipped by, crawling from one month to another until it is about done. This year 2022 has been a mystery of sorts as we have seen people, customs and places changing. We may well ask, what is this world coming to?
Many of us have experienced challenges, joy, projects, being happy, being proud, being sad and being grateful.
So as we begin this new year, where are you now? I thought about this a good bit as I was thinking about my own life plans for 2023.
Let us first go back to 2022 and give some good news. We had a fairly mild winter last year, the summer wasn’t that bad either except for a good bit of rain. Thankfully there were no hurricanes in our area. We had pretty good weather for the Fair, but it turned a little colder than usual.
Then along came December and the coldest temperature we have seen in a long time. I am still shivering, although we have warmed up some. We likely can expect more in January.
One thing we have experienced was the rise in gas prices, but they have started to come down a bit. I have been thankful I didn’t have to drive very much. Those with places to go, as with jobs, certainly have felt the pain.
Grocery prices are yet another thing. Many of us never knew it could be so costly to feed a family. Yet we are thankful for programs that feed those who could go without food.
Then there is Covid, and it never seems to go away. Flu and RSV have been added to our maladies. Wintertime worries.
I am grateful for my family as they return my love in such a marvelous way. Besides my children and grandchildren, my brother, sister and I have a closeness all siblings should share.
One thing I undertook in 2022 was reading the Bible through in one year. I have studied the Bible for a long time, but never sat down and read certain portions every day that led me book by book through the best book ever written.
It has been a challenge to set aside a certain part of the day to get this accomplished. A schedule to follow can be found in church materials, or go to the Internet. I recommend everyone try this at least once. It brings information you may never read in your Sunday School lessons.
One thing that makes me sad has been the loss of so many friends and many of their family members. We lost a nephew in Alabama. Many have spent their first holiday without a loved one.
With all this time staying at home, I sometimes becomes a bit lazy, but I am trying to “get going” again. I have many canvases I need to apply paint and make something beautiful.
I celebrate the fact I have learned to lean on God to give me strength and help me take care of things since the loss of my husband nearly four years ago.
I look ahead to 2023 and think about how it has seemed no time since we were celebrating the change of the century to 2000. Although time seems slowly passing, it does move rather quickly sometimes.
It is said it will be 11 years before Christmas and New Year’s will be celebrated on Sunday again. Some of us may never see that again. Stuns us a little.
So what do you see happening in 2023? Do you expect challenges? What joys may come? Will we remember to be grateful and not fuss about everything? Will we try to be friendlier and more loveable people? If you make New Year’s resolutions, do things to make yourself and others proud and can celebrate.
Americans are so blessed. We complain a lot, but we should stop often to thank God for His many blessings. That way they may keep coming.
Happy New Year!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at