Holiday shopping about to proceed to speediest time

Published 8:00 am Sunday, November 27, 2022

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We are about to enter December and that month can mean different things to various people, probably according to age.
Those young with children, it means you are about to spend a fortune in gifts for Christmas – that is if your child has written their annual letter to Santa and you know what they want.
If you are lucky, you will be able to find all these toys or things, because according to Santa letters printed in the newspaper, they all want exactly the same things for their age group and these items will go fast at the stores. Most wanted is likely according to what has been advertised on television. A wise parent will have already shopped, with or without a Santa letter.
If you are a little older with teens or older children, their wants are more like things you have to float a loan from the bank or finance company to satisfy their longings. No matter the price, we do try to make them all happy at Christmas, unless they want a real airplane. That can be a little much!
To older people with no children in the house, it means getting ready to spend much time with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so they will have great memories as well as presents.
I have been through all these times and places and I have discovered I like the last one the best. Grandchildren don’t usually expect more than one gift and great-grandmothers can provide a small present and give more love and attention than anything else.
To women all around, it means preparing to cook food for the big holiday dinner, as well as putting up the Christmas tree, buying and wrapping presents. The menu can run very long and shopping can go on continually. Decisions may be made according to the prices in the grocery store, which are rising!
To many men, there is not a big problem since they may leave everything up to the women to buy presents and food, cook and plan a big Christmas celebration. Some may be different, but not many. Some men may really like all this activity! You can believe or not believe! To each his own!
When my children were small and growing up, We did all these things and got great pleasure seeing their smiling faces on Christmas Day. Nothing was more fun than getting toys ready on Christmas Eve while they were sleeping – including putting in batteries so things would work when opened!
Now I enjoy hearing my children and grandchildren telling about Christmas plans, what they are going to cook and where we will meet on that day. They help cook and I am grateful! We miss those who are not with us anymore.
There is more to December than Christmas, although it is a joyful day celebrating the birth of Our Lord and should be taken seriously. The Bible story in Luke should be read every year as part of the Christmas celebration. It is vital we keep this precious story alive for our children and those to come.
The next event will be a new year. We are approaching the end of 2022! The beginning of 2023! One week after Christmas Day, this year will be gone! We will be recalling both the good and the bad events brought this year.
I have heard many times, the older we get the slower time goes. I don’t find that true. It seems time is passing by in a rapid pace.
Amazingly, real holiday speed-up time is here! So soon after giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day, we will be getting ready for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then a new year!
We have done it before and we will do it again! To all of you, good luck and happy shopping!!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at