Breland: Weather says it’s time for the fair

Published 11:18 am Friday, October 14, 2022

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The weather tells it! It is fair time! Cool in the morning, warming up during the day. Going early in the morning wearing a sweater, you might be carrying it all day as the day gradually warms. If you stay late, you will be happy you brought a sweater to keep you warm.

In days past, when the fair was not set at the same time every year, at the newspaper we would start receiving calls in January from all over the country for fair dates. As former residents and their families set their vacation times, they wanted to come to the fair.

I enjoy seeing all the things entered at the fair, but one of my favorite things is sitting for a while at Mile Branch, just watching people and greeting those I haven’t seen in a while.

Mile Branch has certainly been a big attraction and through the years I have written many stories about cabins being moved in, preparation for all the events there and in other parts of the fair. It is a big interest of mine.

The fair has certainly changed. I can remember when the big act of the day was the high wire or pole act that ended the stage presentations. That usually happened about 3 p.m. It was thrilling! This was before everybody had a television and many of us had never seen anything quite like that!

When it was over, it was time for students to go to the school bus to ride back home. For us, it was time to find Mom and get ready to leave the fair.

Now, so much of the entertainment will be professional artists bringing really big shows to the fair, which are really enjoyed. We still see local performers, a pageant, a baby show, dancers and school children. And we have a rodeo! A little entertainment for everyone.

One year when I was a teen, I modeled in a fashion show on stage an outfit I had sewed myself. I have helped judge the chicken pie contest many times. I was once one of the mystery persons. Lots of good programs happened over the years.

I think some people who enjoy the fair a lot are those who bring their campers and move out there for the week. They can go and come and enjoy everything and also meet with other campers and have a good time together. I am not a camper but it does sound good this time of year.

My parents loved going to the fair. It was a time when they could see so many people, even relatives they don’t see any other time. Daddy would talk for weeks about the people he had seen.

The fair can be a reunion for families and for school classes. Almost every year there will be a gathering of former students at Mile Branch and other sites.

Everyone can find something of interest: from vegetables, flowers, art, schoolwork, sewing, genealogy, live animals and many other things. There are areas for children to be entertained … in addition to the midway for rides and activities.

Many volunteers are getting things ready for this annual event. Lots of things being entered in many categories and lots of ribbons to be won and prized.

Thanks to those who work to put the fair together and to keep it going. Many of our long-time workers are here no longer or cannot help anymore. Volunteers are always needed, so if you feel the need to help, just see some of the leaders and tell them.

It will be a good Washington Parish event! See you there!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at