Breland: Flowers, illnesses, events move us along to October

Published 12:26 pm Friday, September 30, 2022

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The goldenrods are blooming, fields are being covered with bales of hay, pecans and leaves are falling from the trees and pumpkins are on display all over! This means autumn is officially here, even with an occasional very warm day.

The goldenrods, with a blooming blaze of yellow-gold shafts of floral beauty, bring alive old forgotten fields and line the roadsides, along with the occasional yellow daisy-like flowers which accompany them. While they are beautiful and numerous, golden rod blooms can bring discomfort to those who have allergies.

All this beauty lets local people know it is almost time for the Washington Parish Fair! With this little change of cooler weather, many are getting their boots, jeans, pretty shirts and cowboy hats ready to dress for the annual event. I can remember buying boots for my children to go to the fair, so many years ago.

While the current change in weather seems nice, people coughing and sneezing with allergies and colds are also all around. One goes to the doctor and cold usually isn’t mentioned. The diagnosis is an upper respiratory infection. This sounds like you are a lot sicker than when you murmur, “I have a cold.”

These days we have so many viruses going around it sounds pretty good to have “just an” upper respiratory infection instead of some version of Covid, stomach virus or flu. A cold seems pretty mundane, as we may pretty well keep going, while taking cold medication and trying not to cough in anyone’s direction. With an upper respiratory infection or any of the others, you can really take care of yourself without feeling guilty.

Although we are informed by medical professionals that colds are caused by viruses and not changes in weather, we do seem to see an awful lot of them about the time the weather changes from hot to cold or even the other way around.

When I was a child with a cold, Mama would come and rub my chest and throat with Vick’s salve. It felt so good and it smelled so strong that it would almost take my breath away.

It seems to me that today’s illnesses make people much sicker than in the past. Maybe it is age, but a cold can make me feel really sick. I also think the viruses must be a lot stronger now than in the past. Sneezes, coughs and a runny nose are sure signs of a cold.

So many over-the-counter medications are available. Trying to decide what to buy to treat a cold can be positively mind-boggling. I suppose we all try to get well as soon as possible. Too much going on this time of year to be sick.

I am looking forward to the Fair. I have missed very few in my lifetime. While I am well past riding the rides, I spend most of my time sitting, talking, people watching and looking at all the wonderful displays and shows.

I especially enjoy being in Mile Branch as it brings back a lot of happy memories. I wrote many stories about the houses and other buildings as they were added, and other events as well. I understand there is a new cookbook at Mile Branch this year and many will be proud to add them to their collections.

I also hear volunteers are welcome to help for many of the buildings and fair events taking place and anybody interested can participate.

So get those colds, upper respiratory infections, viruses and flus under control as soon as possible, because you don’t want to be sick and miss any of these wonderful events, at the Fair or other happenings.

One big musical heritage event just finished in Bogalusa and the Fair is on the horizon! And some folks think we don’t have anything happening around here!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at