Sheriff: Be aware of grass clippings while mowing

Published 1:58 pm Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal is asking for citizens to be careful as they mow their lawns.

Seal noted that Washington Parish residents are meticulous about their lawns, and that they mow them regularly for their own benefit, for the benefit of their neighbors and for the benefit of their community. However, he noted that the fresh grass clippings blown onto roadways can cause various problems.

Seal noted that the clippings can present a dangerous situation, especially for motorcyclists. Grass clippings have as much as 85-percent water content and can produce slippery conditions when discharged on a hard roadway, he said.

Even dry grass and fallen leaves on a roadway can also create a hazard. Although four-wheeled vehicles are not affected, two-wheel vehicles can lose traction when they encounter this extra slippery layer of material between tires and the roadway, especially in a curve.

“Let’s make certain we don’t discharge grass clippings from our lawnmowers into our roadways,” Seal said. “When we mow or clean our property, let’s remember to take one extra step and remove any discharged material from the roadway.”