Reagan: America the scary

Published 12:06 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

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If you weren’t fearful of government before this week, you should be scared to death by now.

This is the United States of America. Not Venezuela. Or is it?

Never in our history have we gone after a former president the way the partisans running the Biden administration’s FBI and Department of Justice just went after Donald Trump.

We’re not some fake democracy in the Third World where the ruling political party gets to use government power to punish its opponents — or at least we weren’t until an outsider named Trump came along.

Since 2015 he has been continually hated, defied, subverted and under bogus legal attacks by the permanent Washington establishment and the Democrats controlling Congress.

But raiding Trump’s home in Florida under the pretext of looking for classified documents that he allegedly should not have taken from the White House was something you’d expect to see in a banana republic.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, one of President Biden’s most reliable hacks, proudly said Thursday that he “personally approved” the decision to seek a warrant for the FBI search.

But unless there was proof Trump has been making millions from secret business deals with China, there was no reason for two dozen heavily armed FBI agents to search the basement and closets of Mar-a-Lago.

The raid was not just another despicable act of highly publicized cheap political theater, like the FBI’s early-morning arrest of Trump pal Roger Stone, or when Trump advisor Peter Navarro was put in leg irons at the airport for ignoring a congressional subpoena.

It was so over-the-top un-American that even a few Democrats, like disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, felt they had to decry it.

But most Democrats — and their faithful propagandists and cheerleaders in the major liberal media — hate Donald Trump so blindly they didn’t criticize the raid, they cheered it.

“Maybe he really did something really bad this time,” they hoped yet again.

For his desperate enemies, no abuse of government power in their perpetual war on Trump is unfair, unjustified or unconstitutional as long as it might keep him from being re-elected or, better yet, might get him sent to prison.

Long ago the left allowed its “I hate Trump” mania to become such a cancerous tumor in their heads that they couldn’t see or think straight.

He’s become their political piñata — but he’s a piñata that doesn’t break, fights back and couldn’t care less what his enemies say.

It’s a very scary time in the U.S. and the “Raid on Mar-a-Lago” proved it. But our country’s future is even scarier.

At the top we have an aged president who doesn’t know where he is half the time, averages a major gaffe per day and can’t put on his own sports jacket.

Next in line we have a cackling incompetent who’s become a national embarrassment.

And third in line we have a demented Speaker of the House who says she has always had a special connection with China because when she was a child she was told at the beach if she dug a hole deep enough, she could reach China.

Like I said, it’s a really scary time.

Regime change is about the only thing that’s going to save us from the likes of Biden, Harris and Pelosi — our homegrown Axis of Evil and Stupidity.

As I’ve written many times, though I voted for Trump twice, I’m not a diehard fan of Trump because of his unsavory personality.

But things have changed.

On Monday of this week — hours before I heard about the FBI raid — I told my son Cameron that I would vote for anyone except Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2024.

But after I heard about the FBI raid, I told him the only GOP nominee I’d vote for is Trump.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.