Breland: Not always a cold with a sore throat

Published 10:43 am Friday, July 22, 2022

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I had a busy day on Wednesday, so it was not surprising I felt a slight headache in the afternoon. Before bedtime, a really painful sore throat kicked in. That morning I had been to get tested prior to a planned medical event.

“I must be getting a cold,” I thought as I took a couple of Tylenols and gargled with warm salt water. I am rarely ill, so I tried to figure it out. That sore throat was a bummer!

I slept well and in the morning the throat seemed better, but I gargled again with salt water. I felt pretty good and had several chores to do around the house, but after those, I felt a little tired so I took an afternoon nap.

When I awoke about an hour later, I was aware the sore throat had definitely not gone away and it seemed a summer cold was beginning. After supper, I took over the counter cold medication and slept well.

Next morning, I had a weird headache that responded to the cold meds, but I could still feel it in the background. I definitely was coming down with something as my knees became weak and I had to be watchful as I walked around.

I felt pretty awful and I didn’t want to go anywhere as whatever it was, I didn’t want to be spreading it around. I never lost my appetite and once my temperature was 99.5. Can’t be too bad, huh? My recliner was my favorite place for the next few days.

My sister, a retired RN who looks out for me, called and said I should have a Covid test. I told her I was okay and I felt sure it was just a bad cold.

“I am taking care of myself and staying home, so I am not exposing anybody to whatever it is,” I told her.

So every day, things were a little different. The right side of my throat was sorest and I could feel some changes and a little pain in that ear, so I wondered about tonsillitis.  Decided if it was worse in the morning, I would see the doctor. It was as if it was listening, because in the morning it was better … but coughing and sneezing had started.

I finally decided this was the strangest thing I had ever encountered. Not really a bad cold, but yet it seemed like one — only worse.

On Monday morning, I called the doctor’s office and told them what was going on, as my event was getting close.

“I am still weak and I am really stuffed up. It seems to be happening from my throat upward, a real upper-respiratory infection,” I explained.

They decided I needed a Covid test. Since I was feeling better, I drove to Bogalusa to Rapid Urgent Care to be tested. By that time, I had about figured out this strange malady I had was the newest Covid infection. It certainly was nothing like the early version with which my brother almost died.

I tested positive. I have had all the shots and a booster, and that is likely why it has been easy on me … although it was still pretty rotten.

I was doing the right thing — treating the symptoms as they occurred and staying home, but this can hit harder for others.

The doctor told me I had passed the first five days and my symptoms were almost gone, but if I went anywhere, I needed to wear a mask for at least the next five days. Mostly I needed to continue to take good care of myself and rest.

The end of the story: I am still staying home, getting a wee bit better every day and my medical event is being rescheduled. Praise the Good Lord! He definitely looks out for me!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at