Crouere: “Dr. Jill,” cry me a river!

Published 10:25 am Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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It seems the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, is upset. At a fundraiser with top Democratic Party donors in Nantucket, Mass., she complained that her husband’s “hopes and plans” were interrupted by the “problems of the moment.”

How dare those annoying “problems” get in the way of the great dreams of President Joe Biden! These Biden dreams presumably include ending Second Amendment rights, packing the Supreme Court, federalizing elections, implementing full-blown socialism by passing a “Build Back Better” bill and destroying our domestic oil and gas industry. Thank goodness for the “problems of the moment.”

Even without those “problems,” the Biden agenda has been plenty disastrous. The nation is suffering through the worst inflation in over four decades. There are food shortages and supply chain difficulties. Our southern border is overrun with millions of illegal immigrants who are welcomed into our country by President Biden.

The needs of everyday Americans are being ignored by President Biden and his far-left administration. No wonder his approval rating is only 33 percent, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll — with a whopping 64 percent of the respondents who do not want him to seek a second term as president.

With such a lousy record, including the catastrophic withdrawal of our military from Afghanistan, along with the new revelations that crude oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve was sold to a company with ties to both Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party, Dr. Jill should be grateful that her husband has not been impeached and removed from office.

Instead of acting like a churlish and entitled presidential spouse grousing about roadblocks in the way of their “hopes and plans,” Dr. Jill Biden should be showing nothing but appreciation and thanks to the American people for her role as First Lady.

In this position, Dr. Jill Biden enjoys tremendous rewards and benefits. She is allowed to travel first class, meet world leaders, and host glittering events at the White House. In addition, the First Lady has a large staff of aides who oversee her every need. It is also quite nice to spend time in Nantucket, even if she must endure answering questions from entitled and obnoxious Democratic Party donors.

At this event, which only included two dozen top contributors, the First Lady lamented that the obstacles were a major surprise to her husband. According to Dr. Biden, “Who would have ever thought about what happened?”

Of course, the answer is that every president must expect the unexpected, because it always happens. There are shootings, invasions, pandemics, emergencies, and controversial Supreme Court decisions in every presidential administration.

President Biden was caught off-guard because he is not mentally fit to be in the world’s most demanding position. Any slight surprise will upset him, because of his inability to manage this challenge.

More than anyone else, Dr. Jill Biden knew that her husband was not mentally competent to be president. She lives with him and can observe his true condition. In fact, she knew it during the 2020 presidential campaign. Unfortunately, she allowed his candidacy to continue. If she would have publicly objected, Biden would not have been able to mount a successful campaign.

Instead, with her acquiescence, Biden received the Democratic Party’s nomination and became the oldest president in American history. She allowed this horrible fraud to be perpetrated on the American people because she wanted to be First Lady. Dr. Jill Biden wanted the limelight and the prestige of being First Lady of the United States more than she cared about the mental health of her husband or the dreadful impact of his condition on the American people.

A mentally weakened president is also an invitation for our foreign adversaries to take advantage of the United States. This puts our country at grave risk. None of this would have happened if Dr. Jill Biden would have told the truth about her husband’s actual state.

During his recent Middle East trip, President Biden continually made embarrassing gaffes. After one speech, he turned to shake hands, and no one was there. He has done this type of odd behavior before. However, none of these disturbing actions is a surprise to his wife. Often, while both a candidate and as president, Dr. Jill had to finish sentences for her husband or mutter an answer to him during an interview.

At the recent ceremony celebrating Independence Day, she had to whisper to him “God Bless America,” because he forgot that basic statement every president should make at the end of a speech on such a patriotic day.

At the Nantucket event, Dr. Jill also grumbled that her husband “just had so many things thrown his way.” What president does not have obstacles? Instead of accepting blame for President Biden’s disastrous policies, the First Lady pointed the finger at Republicans. Is it the Republicans’ fault that progressive policies do not work? Is it their fault that President Biden is unable to fulfill the duties of his position?

Poor Dr. Jill told the bigwig donors that she wanted to continue the work she started as “Second Lady.” She noted that her work for “community colleges,” for “military families” and “on cancer” were going to be her “areas of focus.” Unfortunately, for Dr. Jill Biden, those dreaded “problems of the moment” arose and ripped her away from her signature causes. Instead, she was forced to be “First Lady of the moment.”

So, Dr. Jill must forgo her signature causes to deal with issues that arise throughout the country. If only Americans understood how deeply Dr. Jill cares about her agenda, they would stop complaining about their problems and let her focus on her pet projects.

The ingratitude of the American people, who should just let Dr. Jill get back to her work on “community colleges” and whispering to her husband his name when he forgets it. The work of Dr. Jill Biden is never easy, and it is never done.

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award-winning program, “Ringside Politics,” airs nationally on Real America’s Voice Network, AmericasVoice.News weekdays at 7 a.m. Central Time and from 7-11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990-AM & He is a political columnist, the author of America’s Last Chance and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on For more information, email him at