Breland: Sagging skin tolerated with growing old

Published 11:11 am Friday, May 20, 2022

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“I don’t mind tiny little wrinkles,” I muttered to myself while closely examining and washing my face. “But I really hate those sags,” I added as I pushed one droopy corner by my mouth back into place. Unfortunately, it fell right back down into a crease.

I have always had very oily skin, which brought along with those dreaded teen-age face break-outs, along with an oily scalp and having to wash my hair often. It was a pain, but on the bright side, all that oil usually helped to make me appear younger.

Now a long way from teenage years, I notice the once oily skin has started to sag and the corners of my mouth were of particular notice. Ugh!

As we age, our skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. I knew that, but on my oily face? I thought it should stay nice and oily forever! Less oil comes with ageing and the skin dries and appears more wrinkled.

We can cover up a lot with makeup, including those small wrinkles, but as fat decreases, saggy skin can suddenly be there regardless of our creams and magic skin potions.

Sagging skin can be an all-too-common side effect of losing weight, causing saggy skin on both the face and body. I have not lost any fat lately, so there goes one excuse.

Sad to tell you ladies — especially those who have survived as long as I have — ageing causes the elastic nature of the skin to shrink — and it becomes soft and flabby. Worse for some than for others. It can also change the way clothes fit.

Talking to myself in front of the mirror, I especially noticed my changes. Later as I was trying to get into some of clothing I wanted to keep and wear, I tried on one dress and was disappointed at how much the fit had changed since just last summer!

Amazing how even my figure had changed, as the folds of clothing didn’t fall into exactly the places of the past. What happened?

Saggy skin and a lot of other tell-tale signs come as we add up the years. We would like to keep our teen-age figures and firm skin, but if we are blessed to survive to old age, we certainly will have some wrinkling and sagging. That is unless one has lots of cash to get physical alterations made!

There are lots of things to cause sagging skin, but for me, the only one that makes any real sense is aging. I haven’t lost any weight, I haven’t had a lot of sun exposure, no smoke damage from cigarette smoking, good nutrition and I always wash away make-up. I have never used a lot of facial lotions because of the oily skin. So, older ladies, what do we do with saggy skin in the meantime?

For me, not a lot. I accept it and do the best I can with applying make-up! It is much too late to undergo surgical procedures to make me look young again. So I stand in front of the magnified mirror, looking and thinking about the days gone by, when even with oily skin I looked young and alive. Blessed days, but I think I would not want to look like that again.

Meanwhile I take another look in the mirror and think about how good it is, even with these bodily changes, to grow older and be in good health. I am thankful for those blessings. Truthfully, with aging, there are a lot worse things than saggy skin!

Retired as Associate News Editor, Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column for The Daily News. You can email her at