Egg-stra credit: 4th grader uses Easter project to document history

Published 10:40 am Friday, April 22, 2022

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With the simple shape of an egg and primary colors, Ra’mier Pam, a fourth-grade Talented Art student at Central Elementary School in Bogalusa, has created a symbol of world affairs this Easter season. Through his artistic creation, Ra’mier has defined the current war in Ukraine.

In Ra’mier’s own words: “The blue and yellow egg is Ukraine and the white, red and blue flag on a staff piercing the egg is Russia.” It is a profound statement presented in basic terms with a foreboding title, “World War III Egg.”

Talented Art instructor Benn Zaricor was truly impressed.

“When I asked the students to be creative and go beyond a typical Easter egg and build a project, I in no way expected this,” Zaricor said. “Also, I had never mentioned or discussed the war prior to (Ra’mier’s) first sketches.

“This idea is completely his — not coached by me in any way. Ra’mier can even tell you about the direction of the Russian invasion, and illustrated it with the placement of the flag. It is a true work of art by any definition, especially with the surface texture scumbling technique Ra’mier himself developed, using dried-out markers to blend crayons, colored pencils and paint. I can see this clear image being used on T-shirts, posters, etc., to profoundly represent this period in time.”

Ra’mier’s “World War III Egg” won a first place at The Museum (formerly The Museums of Cassidy Park) in Bogalusa and is currently on display there.

For more information, contact Benn Zaricor at 678-316-8045 or visit The Museum at 408 S. Columbia St. in Bogalusa. For more information online, visit the Facebook page “The Museum” as well as “MuralsUSA” and “BennZaricor.”