Reagan: Thanks to my pro-life mom

Published 1:37 pm Friday, December 3, 2021

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The world is still COVID crazy.

With their vaccine mandates, passports and mistreatment of the unvaccinated, free countries like Australia and Canada are turning into dictatorships.

Now we have omicron — a new variant of still unknown infectiousness and lethality that overnight panicked the world’s governments and stock markets.

The arrival of omicron was bad enough.

But it also meant that last weekend we were forced to watch the face of Dr. Fauci pop up on our TV screens like some Orwellian “Big Doctor” and tell us what we should do, what we should fear and whether it’ll be safe to invite our extended families to Christmas dinner.

Excuse me, but more than a year ago it became painfully clear to most people that Dr. Fauci is a dangerous, incompetent joke.

He’s been wrong about masks and vaccine efficacy and the benefits of lockdowns, mandates and closing schools.

After 19 months on the job, he’s still pushing the same “solutions” that wrecked the economy and failed to prevent new waves of deaths and hospitalizations in 2021 — vaccines for everyone and yearly boosters for every human of any age with a pulse, whether or not it makes medical sense.

Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci is not the only government quack we have to suffer. There’s also the renowned baby doctor, Dr. Sotomayor.

You might know her better as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

She’s not really an MD, of course, but this week she played one during the oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the potential landmark case that will decide the fate of Mississippi’s abortion-restriction law and may challenge Roe v. Wade.

As the Federalist put it, Justice Sotomayor “gruesomely” compared “a child in the womb to being brain dead and questioned whether or not a physical response by the baby such as a foot recoiling indicates that he or she can feel pain.”

“There are spontaneous acts by dead-brained people,” Dr. Sotomayor said. “So I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves that there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness.”

Sotomayor proved she is no doctor and also gave away her positions on abortion and when life begins.

Her gruesome remarks reminded me of one of the stories I tell when I speak to pro-life groups and adoption groups.

I tell them about four babies I know who were not aborted but adopted.

The first was Sarah Jane Maysfield.

Born in Missouri, her parents didn’t have enough money to care for her, so they left her on their neighbor’s porch. The neighbors adopted her and changed her name to Sarah Jane Fulks.

The second was Nancy Robbins.

Her father walked out on her mother the day she was born but her mother’s second husband adopted Nancy and changed her last name to his.

The third baby was John L. Flaugher.

He was born to an unwed mother from Ohio who came to California to give birth to him and then put him up for adoption.

Last, was Rita Mirembi.

Born to a 13-year-old bush girl in Uganda, she was put into an orphanage. In the 1980s a young California girl working for the UN fell madly in love with baby Rita, adopted her and brought her home.

So who were these four babies?

Sarah Jane Maysfield, who became Sarah Jane Fulks, you would know as Jane Wyman, the Academy Award-winning actress. I’d know her as Mom.

Nancy Robbins became Nancy Davis. You would know her as Nancy Reagan, the first lady. I’d know her as my stepmother.

Rita Mirembi became known as Rita Mirembi Reagan. Adopted by my sister Maureen, I’d know her as my niece.

John L. Flaugher, born in L.A. and adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, became known as me, Michael Reagan.

After listening to Sotomayor’s offensive statements, it reminded me how lucky my family was that we had mothers who thought of us as viable and precious human beings, and not brain dead fetuses.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press). Visit his websites at and Send comments to