Breland: Old things change as life goes forward

Published 12:52 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

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As children riding in a car with our dad, he would often say as we passed some old home place, “Old Mr. ‘So and So’ lived there, but both he and the old house are now gone. It has been a long time and all has changed from what I remember.”

Every once in a while he would tell a tale from boyhood about when his family lived on “the old Mack Gann place” at Varnado. There was a tale about Dr. Gerald Berenson’s father, who would spend the night with them before heading back to Bogalusa the next day after making his peddling journey. I have no idea where this place is in at the present time, but he had lots of memories of that time.

It is a little strange, but also normal how things and places change as we go through life. There are lots of “old places” now gone from my present timeline, just as it happened with Daddy. Old things gone, replaced with something different.

I thoroughly enjoy researching in genealogy my ancestors from the past, while wondering about how they survived with none of the good things like electricity and how their old places would look today.

In this age of technology, we see more changes than perhaps we can fathom. I won’t even pretend to understand them all. Actually, I won’t even try!

I thought about the GPS (Global Positioning System) and how it can zone in on any place and give complete oral directions to get there. Navigation is based on a global network of satellites that transmit radio signals from medium earth orbit — at least that is what they say!

Many people have them in their cars, but if you have a modern cell phone, you likely have a GPS there also. It does work!

During a recent trip to Branson, Missouri, the GPS was well used, and it was a good thing. Branson is very spread out, and it is hard to get anywhere without a GPS or at least a map … which most travelers don’t use anymore.

Not much around Branson looked familiar to me this time. Our last trip was probably in 2011. It had changed so much from our very first trip so many years ago, when there were two theaters, one restaurant and the old town. Now it is all over the place! For me, it has outgrown its usefulness as a place to go, with too many people and too much traffic.

Most anything one wants to do is happening there. There is Silver Dollar City and the cave, many adventures on Table Rock Lake, and most any kind of game, attraction or show you can mention.

The big thing in Branson are the shows as it is known as the “Las Vegas of the South.” It had started raining, so we went to some musical shows. Not too much else to do with rain, wind and chilly weather.

The last and top one for us was “Jesus,” an outstanding production. I suppose many who have been to Las Vegas, Disney World and other places have seen some very technical shows, but this was my first. Both the production and the subject were absolutely amazing, along with the sets, actors and animals.

The sea scene of Jesus and the disciples on a boat during a storm and Peter walking on water was breath-stopping — with a large churning sea and wind blowing — along with other amazing scenes such as the crucifixion and the resurrection!

Like the GPS, it isn’t necessary that I understand how it is all done! If you should go to Branson, don’t miss this show! People come back numerous times to see it. It isn’t like anything seen before and is truly inspiring!

I suppose we never get too old to see and learn new things. Comparing the changes of the past 100 years of Daddy’s time to now, it is a lot to think about! Old things continue to change and new things astound us! So be it.

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