Breland: Scary Halloween replaces fun of fair

Published 3:14 pm Friday, October 29, 2021

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It is Halloween time, and most of the decorations and costumes have disappeared off the store shelves, replaced by those for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It is delightful that so many churches hold a “trunk or treat” event, when children can safely go for Halloween treats. They will likely get more candy than they will be allowed to eat. This does away with the old “trick or treat” event where children appear at your door expecting treats.

I never think of Halloween without remembering taking my small children (who are now grant-parent ages) trick or treating in our rural area. Apparently, it was considered a “town-thing” and nobody had done that out in the country in the past. Everybody seemed so delighted that the children had come to their house. We combined a lot of good-neighborly greeting along with the treats.

The unexpected treating was quite remarkable and some actually had candy to share. The kids came home with fruit, brownies, money and candy. The next year there were kids everywhere around us trick or treating, so I suppose we paved the path.

It is sad that the trick or treating event has become the thing not to do. There are some nasty people in the world who will give the kids “treats” detrimental to their health. Parents have to watch and be careful.

The costumes are always our favorite thing — either homemade ones or those from the store. This has continued down to the grandchildren, who have their own children to dress-up for Halloween.

I dread the scary programs on television just before Halloween. I still cringe when I think about the ghost stories, which used to be a part of our growing up time. When we got together, it was fun to turn out the lights and tell those ghost stories. I still don’t like scary!

Halloween can be such fun without all the awful things some do to celebrate. Just have some fun! Let the kids scare some people! They love it!

Jumping from Halloween to the fair last week, I suppose most are tired of hearing about the fair, since there have been so many stories and photos. This is good for those who were unable to be there. We are thankful for the photographers and their good work.

I did go one day and was very impressed with the way the fair was put together by the volunteers with such a short notice. My getting around isn’t as good as it used to be, so I didn’t go many places. I did check out the art building, where the content was a little short, but it was a good show.

Mostly I sat in Mile Branch Settlement and watched those who came through. We saw a lot of people we knew. I could write a big column on people-watching, but I don’t think I could take the criticism for my “old-lady” thinking!

Mile Branch was well decorated, but most of the houses were not open. The Johnson House, which sells local goods and souvenirs, and the Bankston post office/store building, where other goodies were sold, including crackers and cheese, were open and thriving. These sales help with Mile Branch funding. I assume a shortage of ready volunteers was the reason most houses were not open.

There was entertainment on the porches, but no hymn-singing from the church and no coffee, usually donated by the local Baptist men. We really missed the coffee! Otherwise, things went on as usual.

There was a lot going on and so many people expressed their delight at having the fair open this year. I think it did a lot of good, if it doesn’t bring about a new flood of COVID-19 cases. It surely stirred up a lot of good memories.

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