Reagan: Is Joe Biden’s brain OK?

Published 2:52 pm Friday, September 3, 2021

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York got a special Emmy last year for his nauseating daily pandemic press conferences.

So why shouldn’t President Biden win something this year from his Hollywood supporters for his series of wildly untrue Afghanistan speeches about the evacuation of Kabul?

How about something like a special Oscar for “Best Performance by a Confused American President in a Reality TV Series?”

Gov. Cuomo and his sickening ego had to step down, and his phony politically inspired award was revoked by the Emmy people because of the credible groping accusations by nearly a dozen young women who worked for him.

But unfortunately for our future, Biden continues to play the lead role in the Democrat Party’s long-running production of “The Decline and Fall of America.”

He’ll be reading his scripts from a teleprompter, refusing to take tough questions from journalists and pretending he truly believes the lies he’s saying for as long as his guardians think it’s safe to let him out of his basement.

Biden and his brain created a lot of trouble for his floundering administration and his nervous party earlier this week by declaring on TV that the evacuation of Kabul had been a spectacular success.

Unfortunately, however, the whole world, which had been watching in real time, had seen that the “Kabul Airlift” was a tragic screw-up, and everyone but Jill and Hunter Biden could see that the Big Guy was either demented or lying, or both.

Everyone saw how Biden’s evacuation fiasco ended up killing 13 U.S. soldiers, stranding an unknown number of Americans and our Afghan allies and gifting the Taliban with tens of billions worth of U.S. military equipment to use or sell.

If the military had not sent in airborne troops to protect the Kabul airport during the airlift, there’s no telling how much worse Biden’s terrible plan would have been.

It was Biden’s own wrongheaded military decisions as commander in chief and his diplomatic deals with the Taliban that turned our long-overdue exit from Afghanistan into a bloody, humiliating and historic catastrophe.

According to Biden’s twisted logic, America is supposed to be safer from terrorists now that the Taliban is in charge of Afghanistan.

Biden congratulating himself for “ending our forever war” and praising himself and his generals for the “successful” exit from Kabul is a sad joke.

It’s like the captain of the Titanic boasting that he got most of the lifeboats in the water without admitting it was his fault that his ship rammed into the iceberg in the first place.

The scariest thing about President Biden, though, is that no matter how dumb, incompetent or addled he is, it’s highly probable that his understudy, the still missing Kamala Harris, would be even worse.

The Democrat Party bosses, who obviously know this is true, have kept her so muzzled and out of sight of the media that I’ve heard reports her laughing face is starting to show up on America’s milk cartons.

But seriously, there’s nothing funny about what’s happened to Biden’s brain. It’s sad to watch it decline in public.

What Old Joe said about the success of the Kabul Airlift was so untrue, and so bonkers, even the Washington Post and most of the faithful Biden press choir (except diehards like MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell) called him out on it.

Biden and his brain have become a serious problem for Democrats, who are terrified of being crushed in next year’s midterms and losing control of Congress.

I don’t want to help the Democrats hold on to their power for one more second, but a smart way to keep the president from saying things that hurt their chances next fall would be to listen to my good friend David Webb, the conservative talk show guy.

David’s friendly advice to our poor president is, “Just turn the teleprompter around and let us read what you’re trying to say.”

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press). Visit his websites at and Send comments to