Parish Communications District recruiting local leaders as ‘Preparedness Partners’

Published 2:28 pm Friday, May 21, 2021

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The Washington Parish Communications District (aka 911) is recruiting businesses, clubs, churches, service agencies, charities and others to help get citizens signed up for emergency alerts.

The parish provides community information and emergency alert services through a company called Hyper-Reach. When important things are happening in or to the community, the parish uses Hyper-Reach to quickly get the word out by phone, text, email and other methods.

For the system to work, the parish needs residents to register their address and contact information so the system knows who to send the information to and how to send it. With hurricane season on the way, getting residents signed up is critically important. The Washington Parish Communications District is designating the month of June as “Preparedness Sign Up Month,” and conducting a promotional campaign to get residents to register for the service.

And to make the campaign successful, the Communications District is asking every business owner, minister, club president, executive director and other community leader to help get the people they know signed up for this vital service.

Visit online at to get all the details.

“We’re proud to be able to offer such an important service to the citizens of Washington Parish,” said Joanna Thomas, director of the Washington Parish Communications District. “Hyper-Reach is state of the art, with the ability to reach every registered resident in the parish in less than an hour.”

“It’s really important to sign up for this important service,” said Bobbi Jo Breland, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “With hurricane season on the way, this is a great part of being prepared. As a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, this is totally consistent with Washington Parish’s role in that program.”