Biden’s ‘smartest guy I know’ seems rather dumb

Published 2:05 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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Throughout the scandals of the last few years, former vice president Joe Biden has repeatedly heaped praise on his troubled son Hunter. In several interviews, including one this week, he has referred to Hunter as the “smartest guy” he knows. To make such a statement, it is clear that Joe Biden needs a much larger circle of acquaintances.

Is Joe Biden even qualified to identify a smart person? In fact, how smart is Joe Biden? The record shows he is the antithesis of smart. From his many asinine comments to his long record of questionable associations to his multiple episodes of outright plagiarism, Joe Biden is certainly not smart.

Since Joe Biden is not Mensa material, how about his son Hunter? C’mon man, this is about as easy as it gets. Hunter has a sordid personal life and has created a mess of professional life.

In 2014, after testing positive for cocaine use, Hunter was discharged by the U.S. Navy from his position as a public affairs specialist. His naval career lasted less than one month.

In 2016, in Prescott, Arizona, Hunter returned a Hertz rental car from California “after hours.” Inside the car, he left a crack pipe and a bag “with a white powdery substance inside” for all to see “on the passenger seat.” For good measure, he left behind credit cards, a driver’s license, a cell phone, “a Delaware Attorney General badge,” and a “U.S. Secret Service business card.” Instead of leaving the keys in the drop box, Hunter put them in the gas tank compartment. Due to Hunter’s action, this was not a car return, but a crime scene. Not surprisingly, since his last name is Biden, no charges were filed against Hunter.

The following year, Hunter’s former wife Kathleen filed for divorce from him. She noted his propensity for excessive spending on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations.” In her filing, Kathleen accused Hunter of running up massive debt, issuing bounced checks and having judgment that was “frequently impaired with respect to their safety, their care, and their best interests.” Eventually, the couple reached an uncontested divorce settlement in April of 2017.

By that time, Hunter was in the midst of a two-year relationship with his deceased brother’s wife, Hallie. After that break-up, it was announced that Hunter had impregnated a former Arkansas stripper, Lunden Alexis Roberts, who had to sue him for child support. Ultimately, they reached an out-of-court settlement. In 2019, Hunter married South African native Melissa Cohen after a six-day relationship. In March of this year, she gave birth to Hunter’s fifth child.

Along with a turbulent personal life, Hunter has been involved in controversial business dealings for years. He was paid an exorbitant amount of money to sit on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas company, even though he did not know the country, the industry, or the language. He admitted that he was given the position solely because of his father.

The company has been tied to a former Ukrainian President and an oligarch and was under investigation by a prosecutor until Joe Biden threatened the withholding of a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee and was able to force his firing.

His business dealings with Ukraine, China and other countries have been outlined by his former associate Tony Bobulinksi. In his statement, Bobulinksi claims that Joe Biden was aware of these business arrangements, contradicting the denials by the former vice president.

While most of the media ignored Hunter Biden and his questionable financial dealings, some courageous media outlets did share the truth with the American people. For example, the New York Post revealed the explosive material on a laptop that Hunter Biden left at a Delaware computer repair shop.

In a move that the “smartest guy” would not make, Hunter did not retrieve the laptop. It included images of explicit sexual acts, illegal drug use and a host of messages connecting Hunter and Joe Biden to business deals with communist business interests in China.

The owner of the computer repair shop realized the explosive contents of the laptop and shared it with President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who then gave it to the New York Post.

The hard drive has been in the possession of the FBI since last December and Hunter has now admitted that he is under federal investigation for “tax affairs.”

Joe Biden often claims that he is “proud” of his son and lambastes any rare reporter who has the audacity to ask him about Hunter and his business dealings.

Eventually, the investigation surrounding his son may destroy the remaining political career of Joe Biden. If he ultimately becomes president, it may be a very brief tenure, courtesy of the scandals surrounding the “smartest guy” Joe Biden knows.

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