WPSO: Pair caught stealing items from their neighbors

Published 2:39 pm Friday, September 18, 2020

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Two people were arrested recently this week, after reportedly stealing from their next-door neighbors, according to Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Haley said that WPSO Deputy James Gregorio responded on Wednesday to a report of theft from a residence on Louisiana Highway 436. The homeowner was in the process of moving out and when she returned to obtain more property, she noticed the house had been broken into and several items were missing, Haley said. Gregorio then took the report and asked the homeowner to call again if she discovered additional items were missing.

Haley said that the homeowner called again later in the day, and Gregorio and Lt. Michele Clayton responded to the residence. Evidence left behind at the victim’s residence led the officers to the house next door, Haley said. They then went to the next-door neighbor’s house and were unable to get anyone to come to the door, although they could reportedly hear someone moving around inside the house.

Det. Chad Cassard and Det. Capt. Tom Anderson then responded to the scene to assist in the investigation, Haley said. Anderson obtained a search warrant for the neighbor’s residence from a 22nd Judicial District Court Judge and all officers, assisted by Lt. Brent Goings and Det. Kevin Bond, made forced entry into the house and arrested an occupant, Shanda Honaker, 44, who gave her address as Bush, with a previous address of Military Road in Varnado.

As the officers were thoroughly searching the residence, they discovered Stephen Kyle Brumfield, 26, hiding in the attic, Haley said. Brumfield, who gave an address on Lee Road, was also arrested. The continued search of the residence, the attic and a vehicle belonging to Brumfield resulted in the discovery of illegal drugs and paraphernalia as well as items stolen from the victim’s residence, Haley said.

Brumfield and Honaker were transported to the Washington Parish Jail. Brumfield was booked on charges of possession of stolen property, possession of illegal drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements and other charges related to his failure to satisfy state law regarding his sex offender status. His bond was set at $25,000.

Shanda Honaker

Haley said that Brumfield’s jail history in Washington Parish began with an arrest in 2012 for aggravated rape and aggravated incest. This was followed by a 2013 arrest for driving while intoxicated and a 2016 arrest for possession of illegal drugs. In 2019, he was remanded to the jail by the 22nd Judicial District Court. His most recent arrest marks his fifth stay in the Washington Parish Jail, Haley said.

Honaker was booked into the jail on a charge of possession of stolen property. Her bond was set at $5,000.

Haley said that Honaker has three previous stays in the Washington Parish Jail. In 2018, she was arrested for conspiracy to possess illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Later in 2018 she was remanded to the jail b the 22nd Judicial District Court. Still later in 2018, she was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“Brumfield and Honaker were anything but good neighbors,” Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said. “They displayed very poor judgment from the beginning to the end of this entire episode and are good examples of who should be in jail. Congratulations to Deputy Gregorio, Lt. Clayton and all of our detectives for a job well done.”