Results of Saturday’s primary announced

Published 3:02 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A tax rededication passed in the city of Bogalusa, and Elizabeth “Beth” Wolfe won the race for Judge, Court of Appeal, First Circuit, Third District, Division D, according to unofficial election results announced Saturday by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.

In Bogalusa, voters overwhelmingly supported a measure that rededicated a 1/4-percent of an existing sales tax, to be used toward pension payments. A total of 614 voters, or 63 percent, voted in favor.

In the Court of Appeal race, Wolfe defeated Richard A. “Rick” Swartz in the battle to fill a position left open when Bogalusa native Will Crain was elected to the State Supreme Court.

Seven parishes are in Division D, including Washington Parish. Among all voters in the division, Wolfe won the election with 55 percent (40,762 votes) to Swartz’ 45 percent (32,964 votes).

Other parishes in the district are East Feliciana, Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and West Feliciana. Among Washington Parish voters alone, Swartz earned 54 percent (2,281 votes) to Wolfe’s 46 percent (1,937 votes).

Wolfe won among voters in East Feliciana, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa, while Swartz won among voters in St. Tammany, Washington and West Feliciana.

Saturday’s election was also the presidential preference primary. Although both major political parties have presumptive nominees, each party had additional choices on the ballot as well. There were 14 choices for the Democratic Party, and five for the Republican Party.

Among Washington Parish voters alone, presumptive nominee Joseph R. Biden earned 77 percent of the 1,898 voters who cast a vote for the Democratic Party primary (1,469 votes). Incumbent president Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican Party nominee, earned 98 percent of the 2,003 parish voters in that party’s primary (1,962 votes).

Statewide, Biden received 80 percent of the 266,941 votes cast in the Democratic Party primary, with 212,267 votes for Biden. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders was in second place with 7 percent (19,834 votes).

Trump received 96 percent of the 204,175 votes cast in the Republican Party, with 195,795 votes for Trump. Bill Weld was in second place with 2 percent (3,318 votes).

Statewide, unofficial turnout was 21.2 percent in the Democratic Party primary, and 21.7 percent in the Republican Party primary.

Among Washington Parish voters alone, turnout was 15.1 percent in the Democratic Party primary, 22.9 percent in the Republican Party primary, 15.1 percent in the judge’s race, and 14.6 percent in the city tax rededication question.

Turnout across Division D was estimated at 18.4 percent.

Saturday’s election had previously been scheduled for April 4, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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