Law and order is breaking down

Published 3:39 am Saturday, June 20, 2020

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What the country is now experiencing is a total breakdown in law and order. We here in Bogalusa should recognize this easily, because such is a tragic history, and perhaps, the downfall of this once proud city. Does anyone remember President Obama’s campaign pledge to “transform” this country? Well, this is what that transformation looks like. It would be complete by now, had Hillary Clinton won the last presidential election.

Donald Trump soundly beat her, even without the help of the Republican Party, because he went directly to the American people. His administration has been plagued from the very beginning, by the lawless antics of the embedded Obama leftovers intent on overturning the results of the election.

The upcoming election is the final battle on whether this country maintains its representative republic status, or “transforms” to socialism. The Democratic Party, headed by a “figure-head” Joe Biden, cannot win this election without the traditional 90-percent-plus “bloc-vote” of the black American community. Turmoil and handouts have always assured that vote. Every election year the so-called black inequities become a major issue. This year a stupid “white” cop in, of all places, Minnesota, provided the fuel to ignite the current turmoil and civil unrest in the country.

The whole thing has been planned, and was just waiting for the spark. The whole thing is a “false narrative!” One would have to believe that black men are being stalked and shot down in the streets, just because they are black. Uninformed blacks and “guilt-complex” whites are fueling this insurrection. It is right out of the socialist “play-book.”

This will be the day-to-day narrative until the November presidential election. Once the “transformation” is complete then the vote does not matter, anyway. If you want a preview of what socialism looks like, just take a close look at the black community now! Oftentimes, the look in the mirror is not a comforting sight. Without being too insensitive, George Floyd was not a Martin Luther King Jr., or a Rosa Parks, or a Malcolm X, or an A.Z. Young. That the Democratic Party would use what horrendously happened to this black man as a political stepping stone is the real tragedy!

A breakdown in law and order leads us back to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Right back to where we were in 1776 — no constitution! This is almost unchallenged insanity. Where the hell is the Republican Party?

Roosevelt Ludd