Finish your census

Published 3:55 am Saturday, June 13, 2020

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This column is written by Washington Parish President Richard “Ned” Thomas.

Did you know that 16 Federally Funded Assistance Programs affect all of those who reside in Washington Parish? It is a realization for us all. Housing, Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, S-CHIP — someone you know would see a reduction in services, if our 2020 Census count does not improve.

Did you know that all children in the Washington Parish School System are recipients of the Free Lunch Program, which is one of the 16 Federally Funded Assistance Programs? Not only free lunch but programs like early childhood development through Head Start, Special Education Grants that help our challenged students. If the improvement in our numbers for the 2020 Census is not seen those who benefit from the services would be limited.

Did you know that the 16 Federally Funded Assistance Programs all depend on the outcome of the 2020 Census? Washington Parish ranks 59th out of 64 parishes in those who have completed the 2020 Census form either by mail or online.

Have you been counted? If you have not filled out your 2020 Census form, take 10 minutes and sit down and complete the form or go online at, and with one click you can be counted.

The opportunity to help improve the funding for the 16 Federally Funded Assistance Programs is in the citizens of Washington Parish’s hands. Take that 10 minutes and complete the mail in form or go online at Let’s all be counted.