Pray, don’t gossip

Published 3:27 am Saturday, May 30, 2020

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This column was written by Franklinton Police Chief Justin Brown.

Summer is upon us. Although the same, it’s different.

Our country, state and town are and have been going through a few growing pains.

It’s strange to walk through the grocery store and see some people wearing masks and some people not. In unspoken body language, people now inherently stop six feet from you to engage in a conversation. It felt nice to receive a great big hug yesterday from one of my coworker’s daughters who lives out of town. She didn’t care and neither did I. Her absence from our town and my genuine love for her surpassed social distancing recommendations.

Social media is full of stories, the mainstream media is never ending and the noise is deafening.

It’s so deafening, a person can easily lose sight of what’s important. For a moment, the noise can take its toll and cause a person to say and/or do that which is uncharacteristic of who they truly are. Responding emotionally often leads to regret, especially when deception was practiced in the deliverance of the message. Use discernment and realize each story isn’t always presented for informational purposes only.

We are one people, each with unique and amazing characteristics. For far too long we have been classified, separated and made to fit in categorized subcultures. Some adopt such an ideology, some reject it but largely in part, most people just want to care for their families and better themselves, without a label being prescribed to them.

If you spend more time praying for your neighbors, logic would suggest there will be less time to spend talking about them. It’s difficult to lift someone up when your fist is clenched and, most certainly, your heart will experience difficulties in showing love for someone when you choose to hate them, simply because someone told you to or you disagree with them.

I have found that genuine kindness is far easier than hate. Hate takes it toll on your soul and makes you grow weary. God created you in his (our) image and hate was no part of it.

Look through the noise and see that your purpose doesn’t become part of it. Now, more than ever, people need to see the good in you.

Stay safe and be amazing.