FPD chief: Support local businesses

Published 3:29 am Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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This article was written by Franklinton Police Chief Justin Brown.

OK folks, the governor has implemented Phase One of Louisiana’s re-opening. You can refer to the state’s website to see what Phase One entails.

I’m more concerned with our local businesses who are struggling, seniors who’ve missed out on the last months of high school, little league baseball being cancelled and those who have been out of work.

I know this virus is real and it has real consequences. As a community and a state, we did what we were asked to do and flattened the curve. Our state has shown improvement — enough so that we can move into phase one.

I’m personally calling on each of you to patronize our local “family owned” businesses as much as possible. Come together as a community and give back to those who have consistently supported our community.

It is those businesses owners who buy your kids’ raffle tickets, sponsor their athletic teams and purchase advertisements in programs. They sponsor every quarter of a ball game so you can listen on the radio from home when you can’t physically be there and they secretly give — without fanfare — when a child’s parents don’t have enough money to let them participate.

They feed your football players on Thursday and pay for their bus ride to the playoff game. These local business owners are the heartbeat of our community.

Yes, their prices may be just a little bit more, but there hasn’t been a single instance where I can remember when they’ve failed to give back.

With that, lets do everything we can to show them our support. The Franklinton Police Department stands behind them and we hope you will as well.

To our young people. You are our future. As the summer months are upon us, use this time to better yourself. In a world that will cut you to the bone, don’t give them the knife. Rise above what the world has in store for you and prove to the world what you can give back to it — do it with exceptionalism, do it with grace and above all, give God the glory for your successes.

Togetherness is a mindset that can only be achieved if we choose to put aside that which is meant to separate us. Together we can grow our community, and with unity, we can see our neighbors grow. Build them up, pray for them and do everything in your power to let others see God working in your life.

We don’t have to agree to be kind to one another. Our politics and ideologies can be completely different, yet, at the end of the day, we are all human and we bleed the same, we hurt the same and our struggles, with variance, are struggles none-the-less.

I pray this message finds you all well and if there is anything I or my staff can help you with, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us.