Analysis: Despite testing increase, new cases and deaths are down compared to April

Published 2:37 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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An analysis of statistics provided by the Louisiana Department of Health shows two consistent trends so far, through the first 13 days of May. Testing for COVID-19 is up compared to April, and yet the averages of new daily cases and new daily deaths are both significantly down.

In April, the state reported a total of 22,764 new cases of COVID-19, and 1,623 new deaths. There were also 122,342 new tests reported in April, with a note that the LDH did a “recounting” of the statistic in mid-April, reporting nothing from April 22-25.

In terms of averages, the state reported 758.8 new cases each day in April, 54.1 new deaths each day, and 4,078.1 new tests each day.

Through today, the state has reported a total of 4,661 new cases and 453 new deaths in all of May. It has also reported 76,595 new tests since the start of the month.

The averages so far for May are 358.5 new cases per day, 34.9 new deaths per day, and 5,891 new tests per day.

Comparing the two months, the statistics show:

  • New cases — 758.8 daily in April, 358.5 daily in May, for a decrease of 52.8 percent (or 400.3 fewer new daily cases, on average).
  • New deaths — 54.1 daily in April, 34.9 daily in May, for a decrease of 35.5 percent (or 19.2 fewer new daily deaths, on average).
  • New tests — 4,078.1 daily in April, 5,891 daily in May, for a increase of 44.4 percent (or 1,812.9 more new daily tests, on average).

For additional comparison’s sake, the averages in March were 226.7 new cases per day, 10.4 new deaths per day, and 1,655 new tests per day. However, the state did not begin reporting COVID-19 statistics until March 9.

Due to the state’s success in helping to prevent an even greater spread of COVID-19, Louisiana will begin “Phase One” of re-opening Friday.