Feeling fancy

Published 4:19 am Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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The much-anticipated day was finally here. My youngest and I dressed for the occasion and drove to his bank in downtown New Orleans to see his loan officer. Our excitement ran high because today Ryan would learn if he was eligible for the house loan he had applied for.

Every milestone calls for a celebration, and Ryan’s bank is located near Commander’s Palace so I thought brunch would be in order. Although we found out more paperwork was required to procure the loan I think any day spent in the company of a handsome young man, especially a son, is a day to celebrate.

As we walked down the brick street we chatted amicably having decided that everything would eventually work out the way it should one way or another. We smiled and nodded to painters hard at work touching up the cheery blue color synonymous with this famous restaurant.

I noticed the foyer’s lovely mosaic tile floor as we entered. Ryan had called earlier and made a reservation for two. The maître de soon seated us at a lovely round table with a view of the grand room, and I took in the large chandeliers dotting the ceiling along with all the elegant guests seated around us. I had to smother a laugh when waiter’s whisked away glass after glass of my beverage before I got a chance to drink more than a sip or two of each one.

Ryan and I both decided to order the lite special of the day, which consisted of vegetable soup, a beef entrée, and a raspberry sorbet. When my soup arrived I found it a little spicy for my taste. Instead of sending it back for another soup selection I planned on letting it be.

“Mom, send it back and find something that you will enjoy. I’m certain they won’t mind at all.”

I took his advice and chose another. My second choice of oyster and artichoke soup was absolutely divine, and no one seemed to mind the change.

While waiting for my entrée I decided to find the ladies room. When my eyes rested on a room with an “M” prominently displayed on the door I decided that this must be “M” for Mademoiselle. Thankfully, I scanned a little further and saw an “L” on the next door so I avoided a potentially very embarrassing situation! The elegant French influence had gone to my head for a moment, and I had to laugh at myself.

I felt compelled to share my faux pas with the wait staff lingering outside in the hallway as I excited the ladies room. It was just too funny not to give someone a little chuckle at my expense.
“You know I was looking for the ladies room and noticed the “M” on the door. For a minute I thought it was for Mademoiselle, and I almost embarrassed myself big-time!”

With a big grin the waitress nearest me answered, “Well, you were really feeling fancy today, weren’t you?”

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.