Hunting for a house

Published 3:42 am Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Timing is everything, I’ve heard people say. Although I wouldn’t go that far, I do believe that timing plays a part in our lives. Think of it. Each one of us can remember where and when we met significant people in our lives. What if we had not been in the right place at the right time? Would we have had other opportunities to make the same friends who impacted our lives for the better?

My son is making a life change by moving from San Francisco back to this area. Today I’m writing from MOJO coffee house on Magazine Street, as we are taking a little break from house hunting. We’ve checked out several condos and houses in the city and found that prices have jumped fairly drastically from the time he left New Orleans a few years ago. Of course, this is great news for property owners, but not so much for those looking to buy.

People who recognized an opportunity to purchase when prices were down a few years ago are reaping the financial benefits today. I suppose these folks were in the right place at the right time. But more importantly than financially, as a Christian I know that God has plans for each of us. He knows what city or neighborhood will be the best fit for us. So with this in mind, we have been praying for direction and open doors as we look at possibilities in this part of the country.

Ultimately, of course, my son will make his own decision about his new home. I’m pretty much along for the ride, but I am interested in real estate so I’ve been inspecting the properties for any potential problems as any mom would. I have bought and sold a couple of properties so I tend to have an eagle eye for potential problems.

So far, we have found a large variety from super expensive to more reasonably priced. One smelled like a pack of dogs had just vacated the premises. One had rotten front steps and banisters. A couple were very well maintained as well as beautiful so Ryan has a lot to consider in the next little while.

We’ll be taking another road trip to Hattiesburg to look around. The properties there are much less expensive, and the pace is slower. Hattiesburg is the home of William Carey College and the University of Southern Mississippi so they have a little more to do than some other small cities, but of course, not nearly as much as San Francisco or New Orleans.

Wherever my son lands I’m super excited because he will be within a short drive of my house! Will the draw of the city win his heart? Or will he feel a need to change to the slower pace? Only time will tell. But I’m certain that if he heeds that still small voice of peace he will indeed be at the right place at the right time.

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