A duty to serve with transparency

Published 3:37 am Saturday, December 21, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This letter was emailed directly from the writer, and was not edited from its original format.

Our Duty to serve with transparency

  1. Rather noted in Section 1-06. – Special powers. The city shall also have the right, power and authority to exercise general police power, and to this end the governing authority of the city is specially empowered to pass all ordinances requisite or necessary to promote, protect and preserve the general welfare, safety, health, peace and good order of the city,


  1. Or in the Petition to Appoint a Fiscal Administrator State Of Louisiana, Through Jeff Landry Attorney General Versus City Of Bogalusa: Number: 113557 DIV J                                               22nd Judicial District Court Parish Of Washington State Of Louisiana




NOW INTO COURT, comes the State of Louisiana, through Jeff Landry,


Attorney General for the State of Louisiana in his official capacity, who respectfully


represents as follows: Noted in specific #42 – Pursuant to La. R.!s. 39:1351(B), and in order to protect the rights and interest of the State, including the interest of guarding the health, safety and welfare of its citizens,


the State submits that it is entitled to the relief prayed for herein.



  1. Or Overview Of Laws On Fiscal Administration: Role of Officials of Political Subdivisions during Fiscal Administration b Advisory Capacity R.S. 39:1352(A)(4): Upon the appointment of a Fiscal Administrator, the officers, officials (elected and appointed), and employees of the political subdivision shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Fiscal Administrator. The Fiscal Administrator shall allow the officers, officials, and employees to serve their constituents and fulfill their duties by providing advice to the Fiscal Administrator on matters relating to the operation of the political subdivision.


The Duty to our citizens relating to reflecting transparency should be practice on all levels. In presenting the budget for vote. The Bogalusa Home Rule Charter states:


Section 5-02. – Budget preparation and adoption.


At least forty-five (45) days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the mayor shall submit to the council a proposed operating budget in the form required by this charter. At the meeting of the council at which the operating budget is submitted, the council shall order a public hearing on it and shall cause to be published in the official journal, at least ten (10) days prior to the date of such hearing, the time and place thereof, a general summary of the proposed budget and the times and places where copies of the proposed budget are available for public inspection. At the time and place so advertised, the council shall hold a public hearing on the budget as submitted. The budget shall be finally adopted not later than the twenty-seventh (27) day of the last month of the fiscal year. Upon final adoption, the budget shall be in effect for the budget year and copies shall be filed with the secretary to the council. The budget as finally adopted shall be reproduced and sufficient copies shall be made available for use of all offices, departments and agencies of the city, and for the use of interested persons.



Section 5-03. – The budget document.


[A] The operating budget for the city government shall present a complete financial plan for the ensuing fiscal year and shall consist of at least three (3) parts as follows:


[B] Part I shall contain:


(1) A budget message, prepared by the mayor, which shall outline the proposed fiscal plan for the city and describe significant features of the budget for the forthcoming fiscal period; and


(2) A general budget summary which, with supporting schedules, shall show the relationship between total proposed expenditures and total anticipated revenues for the forthcoming fiscal period and which shall compare these figures with corresponding actual figures for the last completed fiscal year and estimated figures for the year in progress.


[C] Part II shall contain:


(1) Detailed estimates of all proposed expenditures, showing the corresponding estimated expenditures for each item for the current fiscal year and actual figures for the last preceding fiscal year with explanations of increases or decreases recommended;


(2) Detailed estimates of anticipated revenues and other income;


(3) A statement of delinquent taxes for current and preceding years, with the estimated percent collectible;


(4) Statement of the indebtedness of the city, showing debt redemption and interest requirements, debt authorized and unissued, and conditions of the sinking funds; and


(5) Such other information as may be requested by the council.


The total of proposed expenditures shall not exceed the total of estimated revenues.


[D] Part III shall contain a proposed complete draft of the appropriation ordinance and any other ordinances required to effectuate the budget.




In essence 3.-+8 +-when presenting the yearly budget every aspect should be in place according to the local and stat e policies and procedures. According to Attorney General Opinion 09-0298 public records include: Name; Physical location of work (department); Salary; Job title; Date of hire; Date of Raise, Retirement Overtime paid in dollars and/or hours. All Citizens of the City of Bogalusa has a right to know when there is a change in the Bogalusa’s Organization chart. Citizens should be made aware of the when, what, why, and how of changes in our in our city , being that the citizens are reasoning for our existence as public servants which is why all efforts should be made to serve our citizens with transparency trust, and integrity.



Councilwoman Gloria W. Kates