A poem for this month

Published 3:51 am Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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‘Twas the first of December when all through the house

Everything was decorated except maybe the couch


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

For all of the people who would soon be there


No children were nestled snug in their beds

They all had their own places instead


Mike in his sweat pants and I in my gown

Were rushing around for the final countdown


I planned to be ready for the holidays this year

But it’s almost time for guests to appear


And I’ve not quite completed everything in my head

And I was beginning to be filled with holiday dread


When out in the yard there arose a big clatter

I sprang out the door to see what was the matter


The leaves were all gone from the freshly mowed lawn

At least until the big gust of wind had them strewn


From one end to the other I looked in despair

Then I laughed, and I shouted, and threw my hands in the air


I had almost fell from a ladder in my attempt at perfection

Now I was trying to create all sorts of convections


I realized now as I have before

Christmas is supposed to be so very much more


Than trees and glitter and lights shining bright

It all began on one holy night


When Christ was born in a manger filled with hay

That’s the reason we still celebrate today


So nothing else matters in the big scheme of things

I need only remember the King of all Kings


He gave His life for you and for me

As he suffered and died on Calvary


This little mental nudge in the right direction

Helps me to give up on striving for perfection


Christmas needn’t be a stressful event

If I only remember it truly is heaven sent


Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.