It may be time to take a nap

Published 3:29 am Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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I’ll never forget when my then-little girl had been listening to my music on the radio. At that moment in time, she imitated her mom. If I liked something, she liked it too! It was easy to shop for clothes at this stage of her life, and I loved dressing her up. The memory of the day that Melinda heard Willie Nelson on the radio and exclaimed, “I just love Nellie Wilson!” always brings a smile to my face.

But this encounter also riveted the thought in my brain that children are so impressionable and watch every little thing we do. As a young mother, I always tried to make lasting memories with each child. I’m sure they remember some of the special moments, but also the times I failed at parenting. That thought is sobering, but none of us are infallible.

At this time of thanksgiving, when families are coming together, maybe it’s a good time for us all to make a conscious decision to let go of the past mistakes of our family members and ourselves. Sometimes we are much better grandparents than we were as parents, because we have learned from past mistakes.

This year, Mike and I will be celebrating with friends, and I am looking forward to spending the day with special people. I’ve heard it said that we are blessed indeed if we have even a small circle of true friends, and God has truly blessed me in the friends department.

My wish for all of us this Thanksgiving is that we will take the time to look beyond the faults and failures of those we love and truly see them. May we see the good intentions behind the mistakes. May our eyes focus on the positive in others, the same way we want them to do for us.

My friend Anne and I were shopping today trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to the upcoming open house she has so tirelessly helped me to prepare for. Maybe it was because I was a little worn out from all the preparations, but I found myself complaining about perceived faults in others. This is not something I usually do, but I was on a bit of a rampage.

After venting, the words of Jesus came to me quietly and tenderly, and I knew I was incorrect in my behavior. Did I speak the truth? Well, yes, but sometimes the best thing is to keep your mouth shut. I’m speaking for myself, of course. Life is way too short to spend it criticizing other people.

My late husband and my Daddy were two people who never uttered unkind words about others, and I so admired that quality in them. Their ability to find the best in people is certainly something to emulate. I heard a wise person once say that sometimes the most spiritual thing a person can do is take a nap. I think I may need one.

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