Help for work makes it easier

Published 3:46 am Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The years speed by so quickly that it is hard to fathom another holiday season knocking on our door. This time of year happens to be my absolute favorite, but the clocks seems to spin even faster during the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am set to relax and enjoy this holiday season, since I have done so much prep ahead of time. Don’t be smug, as I usually tend to be when one of my friends has her shopping finished in October. This being prepared early is highly unusual for me, but I knew that if I didn’t finish decorating ahead of time this year things could get out of hand quickly, so I am almost ready for the upcoming season.

I intend to complete all the little details this week. I know that things often take a bit longer than I anticipate so it may actually be next week, but things are beginning to look and feel very festive at the Miller home.

I’ve had my favorite Christmas music playing for a while. Although I love today’s music, I’ve been listening to the same Christmas CDs since my kids were little. I brought them up on both popular music and the crooning melodies of Elvis, Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby, to name a few. Kenny G. has been added to my list the last few years, and not many things make my heart as happy as enjoying a cup of coffee or spiced tea with that lovely saxophone music floating through the air.

My daddy loved music, and taught me to love it too. I listen to music, and it takes me back to another place and time. Sometimes, I find myself tearing up remembering happy times with loved ones who have since gone to heaven. I think of the things we used to do together and the wonderful memories we’ve shared each time I hear them. I wonder if others are as sentimental as I am?

When I think about it, looking fondly on the memories of days gone by while anticipating the new ones I’m making preparation for is a rich and true blessing. Each season gives us the opportunity to create new and lasting memories, and I’m so looking forward to the sparkle and shine of this year’s events.

Since I’m practically ready for the holidays I was thinking of hosting several parties this year. My writer’s group party, my Sunday school party, my extended family party and an open house — but finding time to fit them all in was presenting a problem. It began to seem like a little too much when I thought about how much work was involved. But when I mentioned this to a friend, she really put things into perspective. She explained how much she looks forward to our party each year, and offered a great suggestion. Let everyone help clean up! Now, that seems like a perfect solution!

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