Their name is ‘Mud’ — Jr. ROTC cadets enjoy unique challenge

Published 3:59 am Saturday, October 5, 2019

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On Saturday, Sept. 21, 31 cadets from the Bogalusa High School Jr. ROTC battalion participated in the Navy Seabee Mud Run in Gulfport, Miss.

The course was a vigorous five-mile adventure, with cadets going through streams of mud and numerous obstacles along the way. It started off with a one-mile run along the asphalt roads until you reach your first obstacle, which is a mountain of dirt and mud, followed by streams of mud.

Not only is it muddy, some points of the stream are chest-deep cold water, including logs that are in the path. Some of these logs are elevated and are required to negotiate the obstacles — either climbing over logs or ducking underneath them in the muddy stream.

Following is another run along the roads with different obstacles along the way, leading to a similar mud pit. This is repeated on several occasions.

On the last mile stretch to the finish line, cadets are sprinting to achieve their best times (average time for cadets was 1 hour and 25 minutes). After finishing, they were awarded a Seabee Mud Run Medallion. The cadets were then treated with a fire hydrant to rinse themselves off.

These outstanding volunteers gave up their Saturday to come out and support this event, which is a reflection of their service to the Jr. ROTC battalion and their community. Great job to these outstanding young men and women.

This article was written by Cadet Jaylon Scott.