Bringing some cheer

Published 3:46 am Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Blue skies and blazing tempts greeted us as we parked and began our trek toward the colorful umbrellas and tents covering the ground in the distance. Gorgeous old live oaks lined the path as we walked closer and closer to the entrance to the pool. We could hear the loudspeakers booming the announcement of the upcoming race and knew we must be a little late.

“I think Gauge is swimming in four events today. I hope we haven’t missed much,” I said.

Our son, Robby, found us shortly after we entered the gate, and soon we were seated in comfy lawn chairs visiting until time for Gauge to line up for his next event.

Soon the voice on the loudspeaker boomed out the next two or three events and one of the volunteers began to call the swimmer’s names in the order they would swim.

Gauge’s mom, Cherrie, stretched the cap on our little fish’s head and helped him with his goggles. I took my place close to poolside waiting for Gauge’s race to start. Parents and grandparents swarmed like so many bees when each event began. It was difficult to get very close to the pool, but I figured I would bide my time and move up when it was Gauge’s turn.

“Surely the others will move on when their child’s competition ends, and I can get a good video,” I thought.

My iPhone was fully charged, and I had been working on my videography skills. The first meet I thought I had his entire swim recorded only to find that I had only captured a few splashes of water in my excitement of cheering and such. But this time I was totally ready. I would not let the thrill of the moment keep me from having a record of this event.

“I’ll be able to watch this for years and remember what a fun and special day it was,” I thought.

Finally it was time. I had a perfect open spot right next to the lane my grandson would be swimming in. I prepared myself to get the video of all videos. Wonder of wonders, there stood no other parents or grandparents competing for this perfectly sweet spot!

They were off! I captured Gauge’s near perfect dive into the pool, and he was swimming beautifully! Then, I noticed not only was he swimming beautifully, but also he was winning! The other swimmers were not far behind so I had to urge him on with everything I had. I ran along poolside gleefully cheering my little guy on while capturing every stroke on video. Suddenly, my phone rang interrupting me right in the middle of what was sure to be one of Gauge’s best events of the year!

I couldn’t believe it! Robby was on the phone. What do you want? I’m in the middle of getting a video! Robby calmly replied, “Mom, Gauge is swimming next.”

Funny story, but some little guy had a cheerleader, and I’m glad.

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