They grow up in a flash

Published 3:50 am Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The dim light peeking under the doorway awaked me, and I eased my toes to the other side of the bed to feel for a warm body. My sleepy mind had not yet fully awakened so I did a little toe test to help me decide if I really wanted to wake up. On a lazy Saturday, I often stay in bed until I know the hubs is up making coffee for us.

Mike was still in bed, so I rolled over in hopes I could nap a little longer before waking up to the delicious aroma of roasted beans. No sooner had my body snuggled deeper under the covers than my eyes popped open, and I hopped out of bed. This wasn’t just any lazy weekend morning! Gauge had his first swim meet, so Mike and I had to get moving!

I absolutely loved all the years their dad, Glen R., and I spent at the ballpark with our kids when they were growing up, and I have to admit that I was a wee bit disappointed when Gauge didn’t love baseball. The first gift I ever bought him was a little glove. But every child has his own interests, and I’ll be his cheerleader no matter what.

Mike and I have loaded our folding chairs in the car and braved both hot and cold weather for Gauge’s brief but fun baseball career. Next, we cheered him on the soccer field. This career was also brief, but fun. Gauge’s mom and dad patiently encouraged him to keep trying until he found a sport that was a true fit. Their patience and encouragement paid off, because this year when Gauge joined the swim team, something clicked.

After a quick breakfast we hurried to the pool, and once again drug those folding chairs out of the trunk in anticipation of an exciting day. Colorful tents were set up all over, and Cherrie had saved a spot for us under one of them. We chatted while waiting on Gauge’s first swim.

When his first event came up he dove in that water like a miniature Michael Phelps, and swam his little heart out. I tried to get a video, but failed miserably. In my excitement all I got was the pool and a little splashing from time to time!

Then, we had our little photo session. Gauge and his mom, Gauge and me, Gauge and his friends, Gauge and Pop. All you other grandmas don’t pretend that you don’t do the same thing! Well, maybe I can get a little carried away with the photos on occasion, but I know in almost time-warp speed these beautiful moments will become a thing of the past. They will be precious memories.

I can see it coming just as it did with my own children. One day this little guy will be all grown up. It happens in a flash, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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