Have patience at times

Published 3:35 am Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The rising thermometer had heated up the asphalt to scorching by the end of the day, but I was determined to be able to enjoy my trip to Chicago in a few weeks so off we went. We were careful to let Missy walk in the grass, and she kept us going at a pretty good pace.

Mike and I talked of this and that as we strolled along. I looked up to see an oncoming car speeding through the neighborhood, heading straight for us! Instead of moving out of the way, I placed my hands on my hips and looked incredulous. I could have easily and much more politely moved out of the way and waved a greeting, but I did not.

When the driver of the black SUV saw us, he slowed down and moved in the other lane.

“Jan, that was Mr. Bob,” Mike said.

“Well, he should slow down and look where he is going,” I somewhat ungraciously replied.

Actually, my reply was little more than the heat talking. Mr. Bob is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He has had a pretty rough year. First, he lost his beautiful wife after nursing her for many months, and after that he underwent back surgery. He has only recently been feeling like getting out and doing things again. I felt ashamed that I had given him an exasperated look when he made a mistake.

My facial expression could coin a new phrase. If someone acts ugly driving it’s road rage, so I guess mine could be pedestrian rage. Somehow I don’t think the term will catch on, but you get my drift. It’s not as if I never drive a little too fast in a residential area.

I have had so much down time this year that I have come to realize how lacking I am in patience. This little incident caused me to recognize that fault once more. In fact, our Bible study lesson this week pointed out how much we all need to walk in love. If I lose my patience so readily how can I truly be walking in love?

Today, I was out pulling weeds in my front flowerbeds when a black SUV rolled into the drive. At first, I thought it was my son stopping by for a visit, but it was Mr. Bob. I invited him in for a coke or something, but he was on his way to Bogalusa to visit his brother in the nursing home so he only stayed a few minutes.

“Jan, I’m sorry I almost ran you over yesterday. I try to look out for people walking, but I guess I got distracted for a moment and didn’t notice you.”

We talked for a few minutes, and he was on his way. He simply and humbly apologized for his mistake. We all need people to emulate, and I think Mr. Bob is at the top of my list.

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