Candidates qualify for election

Published 4:31 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019

The unofficial list of candidates that have qualified for state and local elections has been set. Qualification opened Tuesday morning and ended Thursday evening.

The primary election is Saturday, Oct. 12, and the general election is Saturday, Nov. 16.

As of 4:30 p.m. Thursday, the following candidates had qualified for races that will be on the ballot in Washington Parish. This unofficial list was reported by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office.

  • State Senator, 12th District — Darrell Fairburn (Democratic), “Beth” Mizell (Republican).
  • State Representative, 74th District — “Larry” Frieman (R), Cindy Renee Winch (D).
  • State Representative, 75th District — Phillipp Bedwell (R), Malinda Brumfield White (D).
  • District Judge 22nd Judicial District Court, Division F — Harold Bartholomew Jr. (R), John Keller (R), Julie Miramon Knight (R), Karen S. Kovach (D), Vincent J. “Vinny” Lobello (R), Laurie M. Pennison (R), Kevin S. Vogeltanz (No party).
  • Washington Parish Sheriff — Randy “Country” Seal (D), Olander “Smitty” Smith (D), Demille Topps (D).
  • Washington Parish Clerk of Court — John D. “Johnny” Crain Jr. (D).
  • Washington Parish Assessor — James A. “Jimbo” Stevenson Jr. (D).
  • Coroner — Rogelio A. “Roger” Casama (D), John “Trey” Tucker (D).
  • Washington Parish President — Ryan Seal (R), Richard Ned Thomas (D).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 1 — “Joe” Culpepper (R), Melvin Keith (D), “Perry” Talley (D).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 2 — Kendall L. Amacker (R), Shawn Rice (R).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 3 — “Kim” Wagner (R), Christopher Workman (R).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 4 — Clark Harry (D), Gloria W. Kates (D), Levi Lewis Sr. (D).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 5 — Thomas R. “Rusty” Fornea (R).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 6 — Reginald McMasters (D), Shane Smith (Independent).
  • Washington Parish Council, District 7 — David Anthony (No party), Carley King (R).
  • Governor — Ralph Abraham (R), Oscar “Omar” Dantzler (D), Patrick J. Douget (R), John Bel Edwards (D), Gary Landrieu (I), Patrick “Live Wire” Landry (R), Manuel Russell Leach (R), M.V. “Vinny” Mendoza (D), “Eddie” Rispone (R).
  • Lieutenant governor — Willie Jones (D), William “Billy” Nungesser (R), Rao M. Uppu (D).
  • Secretary of state — Kyle Ardoin (R), “Gwen” Collins-Greenup (D), Thomas J. Kennedy III (R), Amanda “Jennings” Smith (R).
  • Attorney general — “Ike” Jackson Jr. (D), “Jeff” Landry (R).
  • Treasurer — Derrick Edwards (D), Teresa Kenny (No party), John M. Schroder (R).
  • Commissioner of agriculture and forestry — Marguerite Green (D), “Charlie” Greer (D), Michael G. “Mike” Strain (R), Peter Williams (D), Bradley Zaunbrecher (R).
  • Commissioner of insurance — James J. “Jim” Donelon (R), “Tim” Temple (R).
  • Associate Justice Supreme Court, 1st Supreme Court District — “Will” Crain (R), Richard Ducote (R), Hans Liljeberg (R), Scott Schlegel (R).
  • BESE District 6 — Vickie Tolliver Auguste (I), Ciara Hart (D), “Ronnie” Morris (R), Gregory Spiers (R).