City: Signs have to be legally placed

Published 4:05 am Saturday, August 3, 2019

As the election season gets into full swing, Bogalusa city officials are reminding candidates and other citizens that there are laws for the proper placing of political campaign signs.

James Hall, public works director for the city of Bogalusa, said that signs can not be placed at all on a city right-of-way or city property.

“When the city of Bogalusa picks up political signs either on city property or on a right-of-way, it is marked and put in the city yard,” he said. “If it is picked up a second time, it is marked again, indicating that this is the second time that it has been picked up. If it is picked up a third time, and the markings indicate that it has previously been picked up two other times, it will be destroyed.”

The laws pertaining to political campaign signs in the city limits of Bogalusa are spelled out in the city’s code, Section 15-5, which states:

“The proliferation of commercial and political candidacy signs posted on city rights-of-way and city property has and will create a public nuisance. The unattended signs create traffic hazards and cause additional work on the part of city crews as well as additional expense on the part of the taxpayers of the city. The council finds that it is necessary to prohibit such postings of signs on city property.”