A piece of my heart

Published 4:27 am Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The sunshine of midday sparkles on the lake like a thousand diamonds in a jewelers display. My faithful canine friend, Missy, happy to be in her mistress’s presence rests quite comfortably on the cool tile floor of the back porch. She occasionally stirs to investigate some noise from a bird flitting about the yard, but for the most part lets the cool breeze and warm sunshine lull her into a state of not quite fully awake, but not quite asleep.

The rain and cooler temperatures combined with nature’s bounty of bugs, worms, and insects along with our feeders filled with seed have lured a variety of colorful friends of the feathered variety to our backyard sanctuary. The hard work of planting trees and shrubs to provide shade, beauty, and texture has begun to pay off, but Mike is about ready to slow down as the temperatures will surely rise soon making planting a job for next year.

Just as this season in my backyard garden is changing so is everything around us. It seems only a blink since I wrote a column about my handsome Tennessee grandson going out for the eighth grade football team, but in a few short weeks he will be receiving that much coveted high school diploma. I was only thinking of how the years have flown and wishing I could have been a more hands on grandma when my daughter called asking me to come and spend the last few weeks of Aidan’s senior year with them.

I’ll soon be packing for an extended visit with my favorite, (only) daughter and my favorite eldest grandson. I plan to pack as much fun and as many memories as possible into these four weeks! Aidan is a really special young man and up to this point hasn’t gotten too big to hang around his Nana.

I’m certain there will be plenty of time to spend with Aidan and Melinda, but I’m sure to find something interesting to get into while they are busy with other things. Maybe I’ll help at my friend’s B&B for a few days; that’s always fun! And I’ll definitely take a couple of my favorite recipe books so I can whip up some special goodies while I’m there.

I realize that Aidan won’t suddenly morph into an adult as soon as he holds that diploma in his hand, but his life will change pretty dramatically, and our times together may never be quite as carefree. I’m thrilled to be spending the last few exciting weeks of his senior year with him. Just as my own children walked from the stage of childhood into the responsibilities of adult life, so will Aidan. He is ready for the future, but the end of one season is always a little bittersweet.

No one knows where he will wind up after completing his naval training, but one thing is sure. Wherever Aidan goes, a piece of this Nana’s heart will go with him.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.