Let’s talk together, to make U.S. great

Published 3:57 am Saturday, March 23, 2019

When I wrote my Letter to the Editor for the Feb. 9, 2019 weekend edition, I really did not expect a reply. Since Mr. Roosevelt Ludd chose to be a spokesman for Mr. Trump and Mr. Reagan, I felt obligated to respond to Mr. Ludd. I would like to “Thank” Mr. Ludd for recognizing my involvement in our community. Then Mr. Ludd began to give me a history lesson. I guess Mr. Ludd felt by me being a black high school dropout he would give me some facts on History. Mr. Ludd stated he disagreed with me about United States being a great nation. Mr. Ludd stated he believes that the United States has been a great country ever since its inception on 1776 and is still today. Now according to Mr. Ludd, the question is whether we want to keep it like it is or do we want to venture out into unproven and unchartered territory? Mr. Ludd spoke of the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, the Declaration of Independence and he stated freedom is not easy and nothing is free. (All has its meaning). Mr Ludd, I went to school in Chicago from 1950 through 1962 when I dropped out coming from a single parent home has something to do with this. The schools I went to were predominantly white and in all my years I had only one (1) black teacher. I did learn how to read, interpret and comprehend what I read. As you know, interpretation is difficult for some. Now, Mr. Ludd, I don’t know what planet you came from, but if you do not think the Constitutional Laws and the treatment of the people laws were made to protect varied according to color, religion, nationality, sex or creed then you did not understand my article. These are two different statements which I feel neither is good for America. Tell me, Mr. Ludd, how can America be great today when our country is so divided or great in years past due to slavery, the Civil War and the destroying of the American Indians’ way of living? Mr. Ludd stated that because of the Constitution Dr. King was able to deliver his great I have a Dream speech. Mr. Ludd, did you hear Dr. King’s speech/Dr. King did not say anything about how great America was. He did say the dream was that one day all of God’s children would be able to join hands together. Mr. Ludd, that day has yet to come.

Mr. Ludd, you spoke of the Deacons of Defense and that they were able to organize because of the Constitution. Mr. Ludd, they did not organize to keep America great. Mr. Ludd, they organized to protect their families and friends against those that did not want them to have the same rights that the Constitution stated they were entitled to have. Now, Mr. Ludd, the most offensive part of your article from my viewpoint was when you stated that black people need to get off their butts and stop blaming others for their situations. How dare you Mr. Ludd: There are disadvantaged people in every race. There are also lazy people in every race. Anyone who really knows me knows that I have always stated our men are responsible for our situation. Black men, like yourself, were able to get out of the situation that a lot of black families are currently in. If some of our men, like yourself, would offer your knowledge and expertise in these areas of our communities instead of being judgmental, what a difference it would make. Our women have been the strength of the black family for years and most of the agony they are facing falls on their shoulders without male support.

Mr. Ludd, I have spent over half of my life with the Bogalusa Little League. I truly believe with the right people, we can change our community to benefit all. Mr. Ludd, I know you are a Republican and I am a Democrat which means nothing to me. People always have differences of opinions, but I believe we all want a safe community for our women and children. If you really want a great America, then you should be willing to put some effort for some form of change. Early in your article you spoke of continuing as things are or venturing into unproven territory. Dr. King ventured and paid the ultimate price. I am willing to sit down and talk with you or anyone else who is interested in bringing our community together. Without communication, nothing can change and the great America for all will never come to pass.


Floyd Timmons